April 13, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Summer Frandsen

Crazy Week

Hey family and friends!

This week was super crazy. Justin is still in the hospital but he's slowly getting better! He should be out next week. We visited him a few times this week and he's doing really good. He's started calling us to come to the hospital and asking us to prepare a lesson for him to go over while we are visiting him! He's awesome and we cant wait for him to get out!

So this week was absolutely crazy. I got really sick on Tuesday morning at like 12 am and was up all night throwing up. Sister Frandsen stayed up with me and helped me out. I was so sick that I couldn't get off the bathroom floor so I spent all night in there. Elder and Sister Hall (a senior couple) came to our apartment and Elder Hall gave me a blessing. We pretty much stayed inside all day. I didn't get sick again after that thank goodness. But I felt horrible. We missed Zone Conference too so that was a bummer. President said that we could go to Cinci East Zone Conference the next day if I was feeling better.

So Wednesday morning I was feeling better and we went to Cinci East Zone Conference. It was fun because I got to see some of the Missionaries from my first districts in Middletown! My chest started hurting super bad and the mission nurse said for me to go to Urgent Care because she thought I had bronchitis. We went and they did an EKG and nothing was wrong except my heart rate was really fast. They gave me some medicine for acid reflux, which I didn't think was even the problem so I wasn't surprised when the medicine did not work at all. Throughout the day, my chest pain got worse and worse. We went to Institute and I was in so much pain. Once we got back to our apartment for the night, I fell on the floor and cried because the chest pain was so unbearable. We called the mission nurse and she called the nurse in Utah who is over the Missionaries worldwide and he said he really thought it was best for me to go to the ER right then. Yeah...I went to the hospital. I got there at 10:00pm and got home at 3am. They did some blood work and I DIDN'T pass out! I was so shocked! President and Sis Welch were pretty worried about me so they got out of bed and met us at the ER. They are so sweet and I love them so much! While I was at hospital they did another EKG on me. They took me back to a bed and we waited there for about another hour. Then they came and took more blood and hooked me up to fluids. They took a chest x-ray and did an ultrasound of my heart which was super cool! I absolutely LOVE cardiology so it was super cool for me to get to see that! They were able to rule out all the scary things they were checking for like blood clots and other things but they didn't find anything wrong with me except that my heart rate was super high. It was 135 beats per minute but they sent me home and told me to follow up with a general practitioner asap. Sis Welch gave me the name of a good doctor and I'm making doctors appointments for the next week so hopefully I start getting better! Pres & Sis Welch suggested that until we know what's going on for sure that we just take it easy and find things to do at the apartment so we pretty much stayed inside the rest of this week.

Well that's my crazy week! Sure love you all!!

Sister Roberts


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