April 5, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Summer Frandsen

Booth on Campus!!

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty awesome! On Sunday, we went and visited Justin at the hospital. He wasn't doing too good for a while and they admitted him to the hospital on Friday night. We went with a member, Kim, and visited him for a while after church. The visit went well. He is slowly getting better, which is good. We did a booth on campus on Wednesday with the YSA Elders. It was super fun! We handed out free lemonade to all the students on campus and we had a whiteboard that said "Does God answer prayers?" It turned out really good! I got burned outside because I am so pasty white. It was super fun though! We had some great conversations with people and set up an appointment with one of them! We decided that we are going to try to do a booth every week or two since they are super effective!

Thursday was rough in the morning! We were dead tired. I seriously haven't been so tired on my mission before. We both literally looked and felt like zombies. It was insane how tired we were. It was just from being outside in the sun for the first time in months (there's like no sunshine in Ohio). So we were just so drained. We went and got smoothies to try to wake ourselves up and then went to UC to do Weekly Planning because we knew that if we weekly planned at the apartment that we would definitely fall asleep! It was even a struggle not to fall asleep at UC. But we got through it! We visited Justin again. He's slowly getting better which is good and we had a good visit with him. We also went to visit Tracy (a girl we are teaching) at work. She works at the CUTEST ice cream shop I've ever seen! She gave us discounts on ice cream as well. It was good and lots of fun!

Friday we had MLC which is Missionary Leadership Council where all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders come and discuss about their Zones and learn how to better help them. The Missionaries serving in YSA are invited to come to MLC so we got to go. Plus, Suster Frandsen is a Sister Training Leader. It was my first time at MLC and, not gonna lie, it was kinda overwhelming. I had no idea what was going on haha! They talked about lots of stuff I haven't even heard of! So I just sat and listened haha! They had some good information that I can definitely use though so that's good.

Saturday and Sunday we had General Conference! I LOVED General Conference! It was so good! We watched the first session at the church after we cleaned the church building and had brunch with our ward. The YSA Elders, Elder Merchant and Elder Weaver, the Norwood Elders, Elder Robinson and Elder Krey, and the Norwood Sisters, Sister Sclafani and Sister Spackman were all there. Watching conference at the church is way better than watching it at home! I paid more attention to what was being said and I felt the spirit more. It was so awesome! There were a few talks where us and both sets of elders got a bit excited when they would talk about missionary work, haha! It was lots of fun. Then we went out to lunch with Yoni and he took us to Chipotle. It was super good and lots of fun. Yoni is the best! Then we went back to the church to watch the second session. It was still super good too! Sunday morning session we watched at President and Sister Welch's house. That was such a cool experience! Sister Welch had all kinds of snacks haha! It was the cutest. Then we watched second session at a members house with some recent converts. I loved General Conference and love that we have such great leaders of the church! President Nelson is truly a prophet called by God!

Well that was my week! It was such a fun week and I encourage you all to read the talks that were given in General Conference! They were given for us at this specific time and can give us so much guidance in life! I love you all!!

Sister Roberts


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