March 30, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Summer Frandsen

Week 2 in Cinci YSA


This week was awesome! On Saturday, the talent show was super fun! There are so many talented people in this ward! Justin sang TWICE! He's seriously the best! He is a really good singer too! My companion and I, Kara (a member), and Tracy (someone we are teaching), all performed. We did sign language to the song Jesus Loves Me. It was cool, we may have looked a little dumb haha but it was funny! The YSA Elders, Elder Merchant and Elder Weaver, taught the Restoration using a Rubix Cube which was so cool! Then for the finale, they had an oreo eating contest. It was hilarious! Elder Weaver won so now Elder Merchant has to do the dishes for the rest of the transfer which is like 5 weeks. It was such a fun night!

Sunday I was asked to give a talk in church on repentance and our Saviors love. It went well and it was a great opportunity for my introduction with me just coming into the ward. We had a lesson with Justin after church and it went really well! The spirit was so strong and Justin was super receptive to everything we had to say. It was just so awesome! Lessons with Justin are always awesome and I am so excited for him to be baptized soon! We stopped by Nene's house but she wasn't home so we drove to the Elders apartment to let them use our car because they had a dinner appointment in Kentucky. So we just stayed in the clubhouse of their apartment complex and did Weekly Planning. They had FREE hot chocolate there with flavor shots and stuff. It was super good, especially because it was free!

Monday morning we went to the clubhouse of our apartment complex so Sister Frandsen could plan her training with the other STLs for Specialized Training. So I sat there and watched a few of the Safety Zone videos we are required to watch and did some extra studying. We went proselyting on UC Blue Ash campus. We had a lesson with a girl named Oumou but she didn't show up or answer any of our texts which was a bummer. Then, Nene dropped us. She sent us a text saying how we were rude and stalkers because we put a sticky note on her door when we stopped by on Sunday. The note we left just said that we missed her and to have her contact us when we can stop by sometime. She wasn't too happy about it and now she doesn't want to be baptized anymore. We were really confused and upset after we saw that. It was a rough day. It was pouring rain outside all day while we were trying to contact on campus. So we left campus and went to the church to have a coaching session with Elder Merchant and Elder Weaver on how to coach the Western Hills Sisters. We have never coached before and needed some help. Our day got so much better towards the end of the night! We had a lesson with Justin at President and Sister Welch's house! It was awesome!! I was terrified to teach a lesson in front of my mission president but it went super well! The Elders brought a girl they are teaching and her mom came too so that was awesome! We had dinner and Elder Merchant sang a version of I Know That My Redeemer Lives for all of us. It was soooo good! Then we had our lesson on the Restoration. It went really well and everyone gave some input. Justin bore his testimony like three times and the spirit was so strong! His testimony was amazing and afterwards he said that his testimony grew so much after that! Then, President Welch, Elder Merchant, Sister Frandsen and I sang I Need Thee Every Hour together. It was such a great experience! It was an awesome way to end our night. PLUS we got a member referral!! Her name is MacKenzie and we are hoping to contact her soon!

Tuesday we had Specialized Training in Kentucky. You can pretty much drive from Ohio to Kentucky in like .2 seconds, you just cross the river and you're in Kentucky, unlike crossing state lines by driving 6 hours to get to California or 13 hours to get to Utah. It's pretty great! Anyways, Specialized Training was awesome! My new zone is super fun! I have more of my friends from the MTC who are in this zone so that is fun! We went to Jimmy Johns for lunch which was SO good! Then we were going to travel to NKU to contact but we didn't have time because we had a video chat lesson with one of our recent converts. The lesson went well and right after, Sister Frandsen went to the eye doctor to get her contacts. We had a video chat lesson with Justin which was awesome, as always. We taught him about tithing and he just accepted everything we taught him! Last lesson, I had asked him to kneel down and pray right away if he was tempted with the things he was struggling with and promised him that Heavenly Father would give him the strength to overcome that temptation. He was tempted and he did exactly what I asked him to do! My promise was kept and he was able to overcome that temptation. It was such a cool experience to witness! We had dinner at a place called Habanero. It's this really good mexican place that a member took us too! Definitely going back there.

Wednesday was a good day. Not too much happened. We went contacting on UC campus and there were some crazy protests going on. We were going to do a booth on campus that day to try to find people to teach, but we cancelled it because of the protesting stuff. It was crazy! We found Justin on campus and we talked with him for about an hour or so about his latest missionary experiences that he was having. He then went contacting on campus with us!! It was so awesome!! This kid, he's the best! We coached the Western Hills Sisters today and it went really well, thanks to the Elders for coaching us! We then walked to a members house to have dinner. It was a pretty long walk but it was nice. We walk a lot in the YSA area, which is good! We had a fun dinner with Cat, the member. She is super nice! Then we went to Institute. I LOVE Institute! It is so much fun! Justin comes and I swear this kid knows more than me, haha! He says the most profound things and it is just awesome!

Thursday was good. We had a lesson with a girl named Amara who is seriously the cutest thing. we met at a breakfast restaurant and then went to her house to meet her pets. After that, we had a coaching session with Elder Ruddell on how to contact on campus. Elder Ruddell served in Cinci YSA for over a year and he was super good at contacting on campus so he helped us out a lot. We then went to Smash Burger for lunch, which was really good! We went to a library to do comp study. My throat was hurting really bad so Sister Frandsen checked my throat and it was super red. We we called the mission nurse and she told me to go to Urgent Care. We couldn't go today so we had to wait. We had an appointment with a member Yoni at Buffalo Wild Wings for a mid lunch/dinner. That was super fun! Yoni is so funny! We then had a dinner appointment at Megan and Mindy's house. They are HILARIOUS! Mindy is so funny! They made us steak, potatoes, asparagus, and we had salad too. It was so good and so much fun! Sister Frandsen and I ate so much food that day. We dying, we were so full! It was great.

Friday was crazy. I went to Urgent Care first thing in the morning and the doctor tested me for strep...sure enough...I had strep. Not fun. So they gave me a prescription and we went to go pick it up right away. Sister Welch told me to stay inside to rest and so that I didn't get people sick. I took a 4 hour nap! Oh man, it was great! We stayed inside all day and watched some church movies. Sister Frandsen full on did my nails. She filed them, shined them, cut them and painted them! It was super nice of her and nice that I didn't have to do them myself, haha! Yoni found out that I was sick and drove 45 minutes to bring us both Chicken Soup from Panera! It was so good!

Well that was it for this week! Lots of things are happening here in Cinci YSA and I am loving every second of it! Have a great week! Sure love you all!

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