March 23, 2019


Cincinnati YSA


Sister Summer Frandsen

Cinci YSA!!

Hey everyone!!

So I am transferred into the Cinci YSA area! I love it here! Tuesday was transfer day. I saw almost ALL of my friends from the MTC which was so great! We were all gathered in the corner of the room and exchanged all the videos we took from the MTC. I have been waiting for those videos for 4 months now and I finally got them! I got to see Sister Iverson, she is training a new missionary now! But it was so fun to see her.

So my first day in YSA was lots of fun! My new companion is Sister Frandsen and she is super nice. She is a Sister Training Leader in our zone so we are going on lots of exchanges and going to lots of meetings. We went and walked on Northern Kentucky University campus and tried to contact people. Contacting in YSA is kinda scary because we are talking to people our age so it's a bit more intimidating. But it's lots of fun!

Wednesday I met Nene, she's someone that we are teaching. She is going through a lot right now so we have been trying helping her through it. We had District Council in the morning. My new district is awesome! At the end of district council, the Norwood district came in and we sang the Mission Song together which was super fun! I love my new district!

Thursday was PACKED!! We seriously went from appointment to appointment, nonstop. It was awesome!! We saw Nene first thing in the morning. We read the Book of Mormon with her and prayed with her. It was an awesome experience! After Nene's, we had a video call with the Western Hills Sisters. We are coaching them on planning so we just listened to them weekly plan on the way to our next appointment. Then, we went straight to go see this girl named Amara who just moved into the ward. She is super awesome and we shared some scriptures with her and just had a good visit. After Amara's, we went straight to the University of Cincinnati campus to have a lesson with Justin. Justin is my absolute favorite! He is seriously one of the greatest people I have ever met in my life. We had one of the best lessons I have ever experienced! We read in Alma 7:14-15 and he literally reads it, ponders about it, listens to the spirit, and then he figures it out for himself. We talk about it together and clear some things up but Justin is so in tune with the spirit, it is just so awesome! I love Justin! After Justin's lesson, we had a lesson with a recent convert named Jerusha. By this time it was like 3:00 and we hadn't had lunch yet so we stopped by McDonalds and scarfed down some food before our lesson with her. Jerusha is super awesome! We taught her new member lessons which is basically just going over and talking about the lessons we taught them before they got baptized. We talked about the Restoration and got her thoughts on it. We briefly reviewed it and had an awesome discussion! After our lesson with Jerusha, we drove 30 minutes to Liberty for dinner with Jenavee. On the way I got to call Mom for her birthday! It was awesome! I got to talk to Loryn too since mom was at work and they work together. Highlight of my day! So Jenavee is a recent convert and we went and ate at a Greek restaurant. It was super good! That was pretty much our day!

Friday we had Sister's Specialized Training. It was super awesome! ALL of the sisters in the mission were there. So I got to see Sister Iverson AND Sister Larsen! It was so much fun! Then, when we were in the chapel listening to a speaker...I full on passed out. Out like a light. I felt it coming so I told Sister Frandsen and I layed down on the bench before I went out. Once I came back around, we got up and walked out into the foyer so I could lay down on the bench out there. The Mission Nurse took my blood pressure and it was fine so I just rested out there and came back when I felt better. The rest of Sisters Conference was fun! We got to split up into groups and the STLs told us to find someone that wasn't our companion. So I went with Sister Iverson! Super fun! Later that night we had dinner at a members apartment and he had 4 people there who aren't members of the church!! It was so much fun! All the guys were eating ghost pepper hot sauce. It was very entertaining! To finish off the night, we went to Justin's house and had ice cream while we watched the virtual tour of the Rome temple. He loved it!

It was a pretty awesome week! I am loving the YSA area!! It is so much fun to talk to people our age because we can be so much more casual with everyone. We get to go to FHE and Institute and all the YSA activities! We have the Talent Show tonight so it should be fun! Apparently we are doing something so I guess we need to figure that out and will see how it goes! I told President Welch that I'm staying here for the rest of my mission. He just laughed at me haha! While I am serving here in this area my pday is now on Saturdays so that's the day that I email now! I sure love you all!!

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