March 11, 2019


Middletown, Ohio


Sister Lindsey Larsen


Hello friends!!!

This week was awesome! Cameron was baptized on Saturday!! It was such an awesome experience! President Welch was able to be there, which I was so grateful for! It meant so much to me that he was there! The baptism was awesome! Cameron's mom set up the whole program and it went so good, she did such a good job setting it up! Elder Husk got to baptize him and Elder Ferrin confirmed him on Sunday. Cameron was so excited. Sister Larsen and I got to give talks on Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so awesome!!

We had interviews this week, which was great! My interview with Sister Welch was fun, like always. She is seriously so sweet! My interview with President was great! I can literally talk to President about ANYTHING and he is able to answer and give me exactly what I need. We are having transfer calls this weekend, so I am excited to see what will be happening to everyone in the mission! It'll be great!

We finally got a lesson with Ashlee and Liz! The lesson went awesome! We focused the whole lesson on their relationship with Jesus Christ and what He means to them. It was such a great experience to feel the love that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for both of them. We played the song This Is The Christ for them and the spirit was so strong! It was an amazing lesson! Probably one of the best ones I've ever had!

We were able to meet with Maria yesterday. She is going through a lot so it wasn't really a lesson, it was more of a visit where she just vented and cried to us. It was so sad to see her that way but we were able to comfort her and help her turn to the Savior. She said she felt so much better because we came over. It was such a great visit! We love Maria so much!

Today, Sister Larsen and I got to go to the mall in Miamisburg. It was lots of fun! We got a few cute dresses so that was fun! We also went to Cane's...booyah! It felt like home again, it was so good haha! I was so happy to be able to go, haha! Last Monday I got to drive for the FIRST time in 3 months! We just got done visiting a member and it was late at night and we wanted to go home but Sister Larsen's blood sugar was really low and she couldn't drive, she's the designated driver too. So we really wanted to go home so we just switched spots and I got to drive, which was nice haha!

Well, that's about it for this week! Love you all!

Sister Roberts


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