February 11, 2019


Middletown, Ohio


Sister Lindsey Larsen

Miracles are real!!

Hey everyone!

So transfers happened this week. Sister Sheffer went home so that was sad to say goodbye to her. But my new companion is Sister Larsen. She is super awesome and we have fun together! While we were at transfers, I got to see Sister Iverson! It was so fun to see her! I didn't think that we would see each other THIS much! It's definitely been a party!

This week was a bit rough but still awesome! We lost 3 people that we were teaching, Betty F. and Christa and Paige. We struggled with finding more people to teach. No one answered the door or they would just say that they weren't interested. So it was kind of a bummer but we still had a fun time and had a few laughs!

Betty bashed on us about Joseph Smith. I have come to find out that not a lot of people here in Middletown like Joseph Smith, which breaks my heart. Betty has been the third person to bash on us about him. So we went to her house and followed up on her reading of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration and Plan of Salvation pamphlet that we gave her. She said she liked it but doesn't like Joseph Smith. She told us all about how he was wicked and a liar. We just nodded and listened to her. Somehow it turned into her bashing on Mitt Romney and other members of the church for wanting fame and money. I don't know how that happened but it was interesting! So we ended up dropping Betty, which was sad because I really liked her! As for Christa and Paige, we couldn't get in contact with them at all. They would just cancel the appointments so we gave them to Elder Ferrin and Elder Husk so hopefully that goes well for them!

We had a super duper cool miracle that happened last night! We couldn't find ANYONE this week. It was super rough! We got Mountain Dew twice this week to give us a boost, haha! We really wanted to hit standards which is having at LEAST 1 person on date, 1 person at church and 2 new people to teach. We prayed and tried so hard to be able to find 2 people to teach but nothing was working out. So Sunday rolls around and nobody that we are teaching came to church. We hadn't found anyone new to start teaching either. We were really sad and discouraged because it wasn't from a lack of trying. So it was 7:30 Sunday night and we were sitting in our car in the parking lot of our apartment complex. We were going to just go in for the night and plan who we will go see for this next week and plan for the people we are teaching. But we both felt that we should keep trying and that there was someone out there that night. I pulled up the area book and said a little prayer in my head and said, "Heavenly Father, you know who we need to see tonight. I know that you can lead us to them. Please let me click on the right person". I clicked on Melissa and her background information said that her cousin is a member and to give Melissa a Book of Mormon. So we went straight to her house without hesitation. We got there and the lights were all off. Her house was dead. Then all of a sudden, she pulls up in the driveway. We prayed so fast and got out of the car. We talked to her, gave her a Book of Mormon, committed her to read the first chapter and set up a return appointment for Saturday! We got in the car and we couldn't believe it! It was so cool! God really does watch out for his missionaries and all his children! I know that Heavenly Father recognizes our efforts and blesses us for them! He really loves each of us!

That is about it for this week! Being a missionary is the best decision I have ever made and I don't regret it for one second! Love you all!

Sister Roberts


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