January 14, 2019


Middletown, Ohio


Sister Eden Sheffer

The Work is Picking Up

Hey everyone!

This week was so great! We taught Cameron on Wednesday and Saturday. He's still on track for baptism but it'll probably be sometime in February instead of January. He's reading the Book of Mormon and his family is coming to church. We will continue teaching Cameron every Wednesday and Saturday so it's nice to have a set day every week. We taught him the Plan of Salvation using a football analogy and he totally understood it! I came up with a Jenga game and wrote points of the Plan of Salvation on the blocks and whichever one we pulled out, we had to describe and he could do it perfectly! It was great!

We found a new person to teach. Her name is Shamon and we are teaching her on Tuesday. The Springboro Elders actually found her and referred her to us so we could teach her, since she's in our area. So we are hoping that it'll work out! She's super awesome!

Wednesday was the New Missionary Training. It was great! My whole MTC district was there so it was like a big reunion! Sister Iverson and I saw each other and ran to give each other a hug. It was so good to see her! We reunited with our Cin-Squad with Elder Robinson and Elder Goodwine. It was a total party! We reminisced about our fun times in the MTC and just laughed a bunch. President and Sister Welch gave amazing trainings. I use them everyday and it's so helpful. My mission President is absolutely great! That was definitely the highlight of my week!

I went on my first exchange with one of the STL's, Sister Shuman. She is super sweet! I went to Centerville which is 15 mins from Middletown. It was super fun! We went to see a member in the hospital. She's going through a lot so she loved seeing us. We went to this lady's house. She lives in Miamisburg and we met the Miamisburg sisters there, with permission from President since grouping with missionaries is not allowed and we were out of our area. Her name is Missy, and we were going to do a social activity so we could try to talk to her more personally about the gospel. Missy picked getting pedicures! Yeah uh NEVER been heard of missionaries doing that here! President said it was okay for us to do that so that was so fun! I learned a lot from Sister Shuman. We had to exchange back a few hours early because of the snow.

The snow is so pretty! We got 7 inches on Saturday and Sunday. It was crazy! Church was cancelled because there was so much snow! We went over to the side of our apartment and made a snowman. My first snowman ever! It was great and thankfully my winter clothes are keeping me warm haha! Its supposed to snow a lot this weekend so hopefully it's not too bad!

We got a referral from some members in our ward. Her name is Ashley and we are teaching her and her friend tonight! We were supposed to teach them on Sunday but had to cancel because of the weather. So we are super excited to teach her!

Well that's about it for this week! The work is getting easier and picking up a bit so it's getting better. I'm loving Ohio, the weather, and the people here! I love and miss you all!

-Sister Roberts


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