December 31, 2018


Middletown, Ohio


Sister Eden Sheffer

Happy New Year!!

Hey everyone!

This week has been pretty good! We still aren't teaching anyone but hopefully we can find someone soon. It's been kinda rough since Sister Sheffer and I got doubled in to Middletown and we both don't know anyone. But, the Lord is helping us along the way! I'm learning a lot about how to find people so that's good!

Some of you may know that the church has okayed it for sister missionaries to wear slacks now! So all the sister missionaries got $150 into our accounts to buy slacks. So that's pretty cool! I don't know how much I'll actually wear the pants but we'll see!

We've had some good conversations with people we've met on the streets. We share scriptures with them and they'll share stuff with us about their religion so it's cool to learn about other religions! The people here are kind. We've only had 4 or 5 doors slammed in our faces so far haha! Most of the people are nice to us and listen even though they aren't interested. The members are awesome! We were fed every night this week and the members are so fun!

Well that's about it for this week. I love and miss you all!!!

Sister Roberts


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