December 24, 2018


Middletown, Ohio


Sister Eden Sheffer

I'm in Ohio!!!!

Hey everyone!!

So I made it to Ohio! We had to get up super early to be at the travel office in the MTC at 3:45am so we could make it on the bus. We took the bus to the front runner and rode that for an hour or so and then we got on a bus and headed to the airport. We got there and got in fairly fast but it was very stressful. I had a few issues with my luggage so I wasn't able to call home like I wanted to but it all worked out and we made it on the plane. Good thing we had tons of missionaries with us! We flew to Minneapolis and then to Ohio and President and Sister Welch picked us up at the airport. We went to a park next to the Cincinnati bridge for quick pictures and it was really pretty. We stayed there for a while, then headed to the mission home and had dinner and did some training. The next morning, we did more training and then got our companions. It was sad to leave my district and Sister Iverson.

My companion is Sister Sheffer. She's super nice and very helpful. I'm in the Middletown area and the people here are awesome! The ward is amazing and they haven't had sister missionaries in 4 years so they're super excited to have us! One cool thing is that there are other sisters in our same apartment complex. Luckily it's my good friend, Sister Lindsay Gardner from the Ocotillo ward!!! It was so fun to see her the first day!!

We had Christmas Conference this week and it was super fun! We carpooled with Sister Gardner and Sister Outz. They're so fun! At Christmas Conference we had a variety show and that was fun! They also did a nativity program and we watched some videos. It was great!

Sister Sheffer and I are both new to Middletown so we have been trying to figure out the area and get to know people. We did lots of street contacting and going and walking up to people and trying to talk to them. It's been kinda successful haha! It's great though! We've done some tracting which is fun! We've just shared the Light The World videos, which everyone should go watch because it's awesome! We don't have anyone to teach yet since we're both new to the area so hopefully we can start teaching soon! Overall, it's been a great week!

I love and miss you all so much! Thank you for your kind emails! Merry Christmas!!!!

Sister Roberts


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