December 15, 2018


Provo MTC


Sister Gabrielle Iverson

The MTC has been amazing!

Hey everyone!

This past week has been pretty good! We have new people to teach and they are absolutely awesome! There's Pam, who is just super interested in the Book of Mormon! She loves history so she wants to know more about the history of our church. She's kinda hard to teach at times because she likes to talk a lot haha and she bases all of her questions off of what other churches back in the south think about our church. It's not too hard to teach her but it's going great! She just takes it all in and has great questions! Sister Iverson and I absolutely love her! We are also teaching our referral, Jaqui. Jaqui is an older woman and she totally accepts the gospel! Everything we teach her she is just amazed by all of it! She's absolutely awesome and super fun to teach! We love her!

Our classes this week have been pretty good. We're learning more and more about how to talk to people and ask effective questions. That's getting a lot easier now since I've been here longer. Brother Velasco has us role play all the time which is great practice! Sister Iverson and I were teaching some elders in our district about the plan of salvation and mostly the after life. Their character was someone who just lost his grandma and wanted to know more about our life after we die. So we were teaching about the Spirit World and Sister Iverson decided to have him read Alma 40:11-14. Well verse 11 and 12 were great! They were super positive and all about how great and wonderful Spirit Paradise is and how we learn more about the gospel there. And then verse 13 and 14 were about outer darkness and the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth and all this stuff that was horrible for someone who doesn't understand it. While he was reading, I looked over at Sister Iverson and we started laughing. His companion started laughing too and we could not stop! We would've just stopped him right when he started to read it but Elder Widmer is never serious about anything so we couldn't stop! It was so funny and we were so glad that it was just practice!

I leave for Ohio soon so that's exciting! My time here at the MTC went by super fast! I think about how long 3 weeks seems but then I look back at it and it has been so short! I'm having a great time with my district! We all get along very well for the most part haha! It's fun to have us all be going to the same mission! We all have so much fun together, we dare each other to do things and actually do it which ends up being pretty funny and have made for some pretty funny memories haha! This week for exercise Sister Iverson and I decided to play four square with our zone and that was super fun! All the elders and sisters in the other district are awesome! In class the other day, Brother Cummings had us make a video for a principle we learned for our gospel study review. It was super fun and all the videos were so funny!

We have the opportunity to go to a devotional every Tuesday night and have a General Authority speak to us! This week Elder José A. Teixeira came and spoke to us and his talk was really good! It was about how missions are hard and he didn't sugarcoat it at all. It was so good! Last Tuesday we had Sister Becky Craven, in the General Young Women's presidency. Her talk was amazing. It was also about missions and how we represent Christ. It was amazing and she's so awesome!

My time here at the MTC has been absolutely amazing. I've felt closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior more than ever before and I can't wait to go out and feel even closer to them but also to help others come unto Christ. I've learned and grown so much these 3 weeks and I'm beyond grateful for my time here! I'm leaving on Monday morning at 3:45am and heading out to Ohio and I'm so excited! I won't be able to email again until Christmas Eve but I'm excited to be able to call mom and dad from the airport. I love and miss everyone! Thank you for all your love and prayers!

Sister Roberts


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