December 5, 2018


Provo MTC


Sister Gabrielle Iverson

Loving the MTC

Hey everyone! So the Missionary Training Center is awesome! I love it here and I'm having so much fun! My companion is Sister Iverson. She is awesome and we get along so well! We have so much in common and literally are the same person! It's awesome. She's from Layton, Utah and she's going to Cincinnati also! It's so great having an awesome companion! I haven't been homesick at all so that's good! My district is so awesome! We all get along so well! The elders are so funny! They keep us laughing all day long. My entire district is all going to Cincinnati! We are all so excited so serve together! Hopefully we're in the same zone or district in the field sometime.

I'm learning so much here in the MTC. We go from class to class everyday. It gets super busy and the day goes by slow but once the day is over it seems fast. I can't believe I've already been here almost a week! It seems like I've been here forever haha! The spirit is so strong here! We had a mission conference on Sunday and when we walked in to sit down, everyone was singing Christmas hymns and it brought me to tears. I can definitely feel Christ's and Heavenly Father's love for me here. I know that they are helping me throughout each day.

So Sister Iverson and I got to teach our first lesson. It was a practice lesson on our teacher Brother Cummings. He acted as a nonmember who was looking for peace and searching for God. We got to know him and taught him about prayer and found out what his needs were. We only had 12 mins to do it and it went really well! Way better than we thought it would! We also got our first TRC. TRC stands for Training Resource Center. It's just people who are members or non members come in to be taught. We don't get to know if they are members of the church or not, so we just have to treat them as investigators. Sister Iverson and I are teaching Taryn and she's super sweet and open to everything we have to say. Our first lesson with her was yesterday and it went really good! Teaching people like this is really good practice for when we get to Cincinnati!

The food here is good, well it's not too bad. Every Friday they have a special and this Friday they had Papa John's pizza! I didn't realize how much I was craving pizza until I had it haha! Brother Cummings said that they'll have Taco Bell and other fast foods on Friday's so I'm looking forward to that. Other than that, the food is just regular cafeteria food so it's not bad. They have really good soups and salads too!

The airplane ride was good! The guy I sat next to slept the whole way which was nice haha. I couldn't get my suitcase out of the overhead carry on because it stuck out so far so thankfully a man helped me get it out haha!

My classes are awesome! They are very informative and I'm learning and growing so much! Missionary work is so fun! My teachers are the best. They are Brother Valesco and Brother Cummings. They are wonderful teachers and do so much for us! The classes are long but the weeks go by fast so that's good! My branch is great! Our Branch President is President Webb. He's the nicest man ever!

I'm having such a great time here and I feel myself growing each day! My testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ is growing tremendously. This church is true and I'm so excited to share it with more people in Ohio! Thank you for your prayers. They really help! I love and miss you all!!

Sister Roberts


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