December 26, 2016


Zamácola, Arequipa, Peru


Hermana Paulina Narvaez

Last Christmas in Peru - fireworks & a violin

Dear family and friends,

FELIZ NAVIDAD!!! PROSPERO AÑO Y FELICIDAD!!! So this week was bomb diggity because baby Jesus was born! Christmas is pretty big here in Perù. The food, the plaza, singing, fireworks. When you walk through the streets, it doesn`t look like christmas, but teaching people about Christ and singing everywhere we go brings a different spirit.

-We sang in la plaza de armas! Us with president and his wife and 2 zones! It was fun to sing hymns and be all together.

-My comp and I participated in a talent show for our ward. I dressed up as a donkey and my companion was a shepherd. It actually went really well and the kids really liked it, so that was great.

-On Christmas morning at 12am, my comp and I climbed up to the roof and watched all the fireworks. They love to blow stuff up in Perù!

-Sunday morning we all went to sacrament meeting. My favorite family, la familia Zavala came to visit me!!! They brought me and my companion christmas gifts. They also gave me their violin! They told me that I need to play it at the baptisms and for the members. It was very thoughtful. I really love this family. There aren`t words to describe how much I appreciate and love them.

-It was great to skype the fam bam. Like you guys said, I felt like I couldn`t speak because my heart was so full! That`s why I can`t wait to actually see you guys and tell you everything in detail.

Overall it was a great week. I hope you all had a merry christmas. I hope you all remember the spirit of Christmas and the feelings that we feel during this month and carry it out throughout this new year. I love you all so much, take care!!!

Hermanita keke


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