December 12, 2016


Zamácola, Arequipa, Peru


Hermana Paulina Narvaez

Home made cookies, a visit from Familila Zavala and a baptism date

Hi guys!!

Wow this week was one of my favoriteseses ? weeks ever!! I honestly have to say, I love my new comp! We get along really well, and guess what, she loves to swim too! She`s from Quito, Ecuador, and I`m learning a lot from her.

-Once again, we made cookies! I got to teach the relief society how to make chocolate chip cookies. It was hillarious because they all took notes on paper and some even filmed me how to do it. They turned out delishhh!! It was a lot of fun, and I didn`t even use the recipe! I`ve got it memorized haha.

-Sunday was a great day. Usually I dread sundays because usually we`re fasting and we`re tired, it`s hot, we walk everywhere picking people up to run to church, and then we have like 2 meetings after church. favorite family ever, la familia Zavala from Casa Blanca, my other area, came to VISIT ME!!! I saw them walk through the doors and they were all smiling and waving at me. It was a wonderful surprise!!! They all came and gave me hugs and gave me a new pair of shoes! They said that they missed me and wanted to surprise me. They said they are going to come up for Christmas to say hello as well with everyone in the family! I love them!!!!!!!

-So we have this investigator named Rene. I`ve even taught him while I was here in july! fun fact: he and I share the same birthday in february! Ok so anyway, he usued to be closed off and scared about baptism and all that. Well last night, he had his baptismal interview and he passed it! He will be baptized on friday. I promised him that I`d make him cookies too! It`s amazing because his wife is a returned missionary. They have a daughter named Camila who is 6 years old. Her dream is to be sealed in the temple with her husband and daughter, and her dream is coming true!

-On the 23rd, we have a talent show. My comp and I are thinking about singing in spanish and in english. She loves learning english! I actually had a dream that she was talking with me in pure english without any spanish accent! Who knows, maybe that was revelation haha.

Things are going great here. We are working, having fun, and staying fit! Yes, we work out. I can`t keep up with all this rice people. Haha anyway I love you all and hope you have an amazing week, keep smiling, and keep serving.

Hermana Kirk

ps. I got a bunch of letters from all my girls at girls camp! THANK YOUUU!!! Thank you so much! Letters mean a lot. I love you all!


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