November 7, 2016


Casa Blanca


Hermana Diamond

Weddings, baptisms, surprise parties and pranks

Hey all you gringos,

Well this week was quite eventful, I don´t think I´ll have enough time to tell you all that happened! But as usual, here are the highlights!

-In Perú we celebrate el dia de los vivos (the day of the living) and el dia de los muertos (the day of the dead) which basically means everyone goes to the cemetary and blocks off that road and plays super annoying music, sells food, hats, and gets drunk. #welcometoperu.

-We went to visit our favorite family, la familia Zavala, the one who owns the chinese restaurant and is super awesome. We went there on Halloween and ate pollo a la brasa (a famous peruvian dish) and we actually all put on halloween masks (even the grandma julia) and took a family picture haha!

-On tuesday we had zone conference. We have a bunch of new missionaries that came this change and so we decided to pull a little prank on all of them...haha. We had set up in the back on the stage a framed picture of Joseph Smith and he had candles all around him with incense and flowers (like suuuuper catholic looking) and the zone leaders had everyone line up in a line and one by one go up and worship Joseph Smith! Some even put money down as an offering!!!! All the new missionaries were like, are you kidding me?? They were like, kneel down! He is your prophet!! Then after they told them that it was all a joke. It was soo funny, I could barely keep a straight face.

-One night we went to go eat dinner at the chifa because we were soo starving and we wanted a big plate of peruvian/chinese noodles. So we ate and then we went to pay hermana zavala. She looked at me and said, um what are you doing, you guys dont pay! We were like, but we invited ourselves to eat here, dont worry! She was like, no way jose you are not paying! So I slipped the money in Christian´s pocket. He walked us to the bus and then started to turn away to walk home. Then all of a sudden Christian starts running like freaking Bolt and put the money on the sidewalk a little bit ahead of us and was like, wow!! I found 12 soles!!! Wow hermanas lucky day for you guys! Then he walked home! He didnt accept the money either! I sware that family is so nice!!

-We planned a surprise party for one of our rescues Mariano. He went to lima to the temple on his birthday and we planned a surprise birthday party. We decorated the house and we had a couple members make cakes and everyone came over and we hid. It was so fun!!

-We also went to 2 baptisms, my comp´s old investigator in cristo rey and also bishop´s son Santi. We also went to a wedding. We also had 3 new investigators come to church with us on sunday, including Mariano´s mom (our landlord) who is suuuuper catholic! She came!!! Miracles do exist.

Well I had an amazing week and I love these people. I don´t want to accept that my mission is coming to an end. It almost hurts my heart to think that. Because I love them!!! I hope you guys have a great week and are striving to be better and better each week. I look forward to hearing from you each week. Thanks for your support. I love and pray for you all.

Hermana Kirk


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