October 31, 2016


Casa Blanca


Hermana Diamond

I know in whom I have trusted...

¡Feliz día de los muertos!

Or Happy Halloween! Haha here in Perú they dont celebrate halloween, instead, like last year, they all go to the cemetary to get drunk and hang out by the toumb stones of their loved ones and eat picarones and popcorn. #weirdtraditions.

So this week was a harder week because like nobody was home! Nadie estaba en su casa pe. It was definitely hard to find people in their houses, but that happens. We did have a good lesson with Marcos about the spirit. He is doing really well. He still is a little scared about getting baptized because his whole family are all catholics. But we are going to go visit his parents and try and get their trust so Marcos doesn´t feel scared to be baptized.

I´ve realized that we teach people in really weird locations. We teach them in little corner stores, restaurants, huts, on the side of the road, on the curb, pretty much anywhere. Sometimes you sit on people´s beds because they don´t have chairs or couches, just a dirty old bed or a nasty mattress on the ground. My comp and I were talking about that and she was like, sometimes the people are like, here why don´t you just sit down on my child´s stroller! HAHAHA. that is SO true! I´ve sat on weird things in my mission. But that´s ok, I still love it here.

So a recent convert of about 1 year came up to my comp and I on sunday and handed us a giant stack of papers and said that we should read them because they are very interesting. We said ok and then he gave us chocolates, he always gives us chocolates! My comp read it and she said, dude this is anti mormon stuff. My comp and I had a really good conversation afterwards. We just said that people need to doubt their doubts before they doubt their faith. Hold on to the doctrine that you know is true and dont be distracted by what man believes or thinks. I love the scripture in second Nephi 4:19 where Nephi says, Sé en quien he confiado. Which means I know in whom I have trusted. So, who do we trust? Who do we go to when we have questions or doubts. Our Heavenly Father who loves us and can tell us the truth. He never lies. I have never felt more of His presence in all of my life. I know that He lives because I have seen too many miracles in my lif to doubt that.

I hope yall have a great week, I love you all so much. I´m so happy that I´m here in Casa Blanca with my compy Diamond! I love the mission and these people with all of my heart. I love hearing from you all. Have a great week and look for little miracles every day!

--Hermana Kirk


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