October 24, 2016


Casa Blanca


Hermana Diamond

"C" is for cookie, and Catholics - Brighton loves them both!

Why hello there,

Ok so I have some news! We had changes yesterday and during the whole week my comp and I were so stressed out because we felt that we were going to have changes. We prayed so much during the whole week because we didn´t want to go!! Honestly I love this area. It is by far my favorite area. I dont know why, the spirit, the people, the farms, everything is so great!! Sooooo. Drum roll please. Thank you. WE ARE STAYING IN CASA BLANCA TOGETHERRRR!!
It honestly is a miracle!! So yes, kirk and diamond are back at it again for more adventures!!!

This week was pretty solid. We had some amazing lessons with our investigators Geraldin and our street contact Marcos. The spirit was so strong! Geraldin is suuuuper and i mean super catholic. But she felt the spirit and almost cried, and we did too! We invited her to be baptized and she accepted! She wants to be baptized in December. The church is true because it changes hearts!!! Marcos also came to church with our rescue and best friend Christian. He loved it! He said that he felt like he was with his family. He already has a testimony of these things, he is just scared to be baptized because he would be the only member in his entire family, who are all catholics (can you see a pattern here?) The cool thing is that his dad doesnt really like religion. He is not a fan of the jehova´s witness and pretty much everything out there, but he found out that his son is listening to us and he said, oh well I like the mormons, they seem the most right out of all of them. Everything is falling into place.

We had a super fun family home evening with Christian and his whole family including his grandma Mama Julia. We ate chaufu which is peruvian chinese food, super yummy! I also painted Mama Julia´s nails. She LOVED it. She had never painted her nails before in her life! I love doing little services like that to bring a smile on people´s faces.

Anywho, I am super happy being here. I love the people, the members, the investigators, everything. I feel like finally in my mission I have gotten to that point where I absolutely love everything. Even the chicken brains :). I love you all so much, just know that I KNOW that this church is true. I have seen miracles and the hand of God in my life. I love you all and have an amazing week!

Hermana Kirk


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