October 3, 2016


Casa Blanca


Hermana Diamond

Moving to the farm

Mi Querida Familia,

Wow ok this week was pretty loco! Lots of things happened and yes, we did move! No more drunks trying to come into our room!

-It honestly was a miracle. On sunday, our rescue Mariano told us that we could live with him and his family. We were so happy because we`ve been looking for rooms for weeks. Everything is so expensive like 300 soles. We`re only supposed to pay like 150 in total. He told us that we could have the whole 3rd floor and use whatever we wanted in the kitchen. So our room is off the chain. We have a giant balcony that looks over the chacras (farms) and every day we hear the cows moo and birds chirp. We also wash our clothes by hand on the roof. We also cook breakfast and dinner every day. We always buy 6 breads for a sol on the corner, and people it`s fresh bread! Soooo tasty. And we eat a lot of fresh chicken eggs. The family that we live with also gets delivered farm butter. So we are basically loving it here. I think I`m becoming more and more latina as the days go by haha

-We`ve been visiting this guy named Victor, who is our neighbor. He is a less active from like 20 years ago. He`s been coming to church every week. His children are not we`ve been teaching his daughter Geraldine who`s 19 years old. She is so sweet and she wants to learn more. I guess moving has its perks!

-We have 3 people with baptismal dates. There`s a new guy named Pablo who is a reference from our mission leader. He told us that he wants to be baptized! He owns a ceviche restaurant. Ceviche is a popular food in Perù. It´s raw fish that`s cured in lime juice. There are tons of ceviche restaurants but as missionaries we`re not allowed to eat it. stomach probs.

Lauren, I`m sorry that you`re stressed out. Say lots of prayers. Pray for strength, pray for ganas para trabajar! I know it`s hard, but shu can du ittttt!!! Si se puede!!!! si se puede!!!! Just poco a poco cada dia ok? Say prayers in the shower, every where! They work. I testify of that. I love you beebs!

mom, I loved conference too! It honestly is so much better here in the mission. I remember thinking it was so boring, but i love it now. I loved Ballard`s talk. He was so straight to the point. He was pointing out all the truths that the church has and teaches. Loved it! I think he was aiming at all the less actives. Pretty much all of the talks were aiming at them. I`m feeling better stomach wise, but now I have a cold. Don`t worry, I`m taking my vitamin C every day! I got to play my friend Christian`s violin. Hes the best!! I love you bobby.

Dad, oh trust me, I have my stories. I guess they`ll have to wait until I`m home, but yes I can relate to Blair haha. The food is good here, but sometimes they don`t cook cleanly or with clean water. Or they don`t wash their hands...stuff like that. I feel like I might have a hard time adjusting to normal food. Surprisingly I`ve lost weight here! Crazy with all the rice we eat every day. Loved conference and love you!

--Hermana Kirk


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