September 19, 2016


Casa Blanca


Hermana Diamond

"There's no rest in the mission.....but I think that's a good thing."

Hey fans,

Back at cha with a sick stomach...AGAIN. I guess just living in a foreign country for over a year and eating weird food just messes you up sometimes. I guess it doesn`t really help that everyone offers us food to eat...But ya know, everything is all good in the hood.

So this week was yet another crazy week. We had conferences, leadership meetings, and we got to pick up the fresh new batch of missionaries! And guess what, Steve and Heather Hardy`s nephew was there! He came up to me and was like, do you know steve hardy? Well, he`s my uncle. So cool right! And he`s in my district, so I`ll definitely be watching out for him. It was such a cool experience to see all the newbies come and see their confused, tired faces. I remember just looking at them and being like, yup I was there too.

Yamir had his baptismal interview and he is progressing. Jaime is still traveling. We are going to fast for him this week so that when he comes back we can baptize him!

Nothing too interesting happened this week, just WORK. I sware, you wake up every day so tired!!! There`s no rest in the mission. But I think that`s a good thing because it helps me keep on working and keep on going. I really do love being here, even if I get sick all the time from dirty water and food. The people here are amazing. The other day my comp and I walked past an old couple and said hello and they told us to come to them. They told us that we are so nice and so sweet for saying hello. The old guy said, you guys just treat us like if we were family. All over a simple hello! You really don`t know the impact you leave on people. Well I hope you all have an awesome week. I love you all and till next week!


Hermana Kirk


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