September 5, 2016


Casa Blanca


Hermana Diamond

Peruvian President Uchtdorf look alike is getting baptized!

Hello my favorite people,

Wow this week was pretty amazing. My comp and I have really been seeing lots of miracles and PROGRESS. As perú-sual (haha get it??) here are the highlights...

-Ok, remember our investigator who is super catholic and all of his family are members? Yeah, his name is Jaime! The one that looks like President Uctdorf, weeelllll, he has been progressing a lot. We had a super awesome lesson with him and at the end, we asked him to be baptized. And guess what. He´s gonna get baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!! He wants to be baptized this month. We´re shooting for like the 17th of this month. He was so HAPPY! He was smiling and just so happy. I just want to testify that the gospel is so true. It has changed the heart of this man. He didn´t want anything to do with the church and now look, he´s gonna get dunked! I feel like he´s my grandpa in the mission.

-We have an investigator named Yamir. He contacted us on the street and his dad is a member but he´s not. He came to church with us this week and he´s accepted a baptismal date for the 24th of this month. He is a crazy kid. He´s very artistic and kind of strange, but he really wants to be baptized because he likes the gospel!

-So we brought an entire family of 5 kids and the mom with us to church along with Yamir. We had to take a taxi because we were running late. So all 9 of us fit in a TINY taxi. It was insane. I sat on my comp and there were like 5 little kids all around us. It was a funny sight to see.

-We also had to take a taxi one day to go to a meeting. And the dude was DRUNK. He had his beer just sitting out there and he looked tipsy. He was like, noooo im not drunk, i´m gonna drink this after lunch! Everything was fine, but it was just so stupid. The things you see in Perú.

Well yeah this week was pretty bomb. My comp and I are exhausted, but we really love this area. I don´t ever want to leave! I love these people so much! I got to talk to my pensionista from La Joya! She was like crying on the phone because she misses me! She really was like a mom to me. Anyway, everything is all good in the hood here in Arequipa.

Dad and Mom, wow that is so awesome! That is like one of my bucket list things that I want to do!!! We for sure need to go to a tame impala concert together when i get back. Im glad everything is going well and that you guys are all healthy and happy. I am too! I love you guys so much and I hope you have a great week!

Lauren, DUDE you are so freaking boss! Look at you running like Bolt and playing in the band like a pro! I´m so proud of you! And typical Bobo and his crazy shenanegins. I dont know how to spell anymore. I hope you have an awesome week and I´ll talk to you next week!

Chau chau por ahorita!

--Hermana Kirk


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