May 2, 2016


Mollendo, Peru


Hermana Calderon

Love, Serve, Teach, Repeat - missionary recipe for success

Hello my favorite people ever,

Wow this week was amazing! It was crazy, we worked hard, and my prayers were answered. Here are some highlights!

-My comp and I are now learning how to serve the people more. We do it through small acts, like we bring nail polish and paint some of the sister`s nails who are less active. Believe me, I never thought that a little paint on someone`s nails really makes someone smile! Plus, a lot of the families we teach are extrememly poor. It warms my heart to serve them, or even play a little game of Uno and then we teach them after. One time we even taught a sister how to make pancakes! She loved them! I`ve been learning a lot that the mission isn`t just teaching, it`s also loving and serving.

-My favorite family ever la familia Delgado is moving this Wednesday to Trujillo. They have been such an amazing family that has supported and loved me the whole time I`ve been here in Mollendo. They have 3 sons, one is on a mission in Cusco, the other is Edwardo who is 13, and Sebastian who is 10. We had a goodbye lunch for them and we ate amazing food. And hermana Amada (the mom) made a birthday cake for her son who is on the mission. We ate it in his honor haha.

I don`t know if I`ve ever mentioned about Rosa...she is a super amazing lady. Hermana Amada one day in February told us to go visit her, and she happens to live right across the street. We knocked on her door and she let us in and talked for us for about 2 hours and told us her whole life story! She was less active, seperated mom of 2 boys. She right now is preparing her family to move to Orem, Utah where some of her family live. We taught her and now she`s coming to church, fasting, and completely different! Last night, her son Rodrigo was baptized. It was probably one of the most spiritual experiences I`ve ever had on the mission. Just seeing the complete change in her and also in her 2 sisters (who were also less active) was amazing. She thanked me for appearing at her door that one day and saving her. Everyone was crying last night! I was praying to figure out why I`m here. And her telling me that and watching her son be baptized was exactly the answer I needed.

Mom, I am so excited to see you guys on Sunday!!! I`m gonna freak! We are planning for 3pm my time. So like 1pm for you guys. I`ll use my facebook chat thing again. So yeah just have your computers all ready to go and don`t freak out if I`m not on right away because there`s almost always something that happens like computer problems and what not. But I can`t wait to talk to you all!!!! I`m glad work is going well for you! You are awesome mom and I love you so much!

Dad, that`s awesome that you had the bike ride! I miss exercising, like real work outs. We exercise every morning, but it`s not the same haha because we always eat rice and potatoes. Sometimes I think to myself, can i just have like a salad or something?? But we can`t eat no freaking lettuce! Oh well, I hope you have an awesome week, and I will be sure to keep Grandma in my prayers.

Lauren, wow what an awesome experience! I definitely want to do that one day. Or maybe just go to the aquarium and then maybe get some gherideli (i dont know how to spell no more) ice cream with the chocolate cone!!!! I love you beebs and I can`t wait to see you on sunday!!!

That`s all for this week, les quiero con todo mi corazon!!

Hermana Kirk


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