April 11, 2016


Mollendo, Peru


Hermana Calderon

Painting, Pizza, & the Power of the Gospel

Hey hey hey familia!

Once again, this week went by lightning fast and it was a crazy week jam packed with service projects and fun activities. Here are some of the highlights!

-We had a noche de hogar (family home evening) with a couple who are getting ready to get married in the temple, Natalie and Erly and her sister Noelia and her son Lucio. The sisters painted our nails all fancy and we taught them about Jesus Christ´s atributes. It was an awesome night!

-We also had another noche de hogar with our rescue Hector and his cousin who is less active named Alipio. We had it in a member´s house and we talked about how we can grow our faith every day. It was an awesome experience being with the two cousins. They are both 14 years old and they both want to serve missions, we are helping them get ready for that!

-We helped paint Hermana Rufina´s house (she´s less active) with the Elders. It was a ton of work, I got really dirty, but it was a lot of fun. Rufina was laughing at us the entire time, so seeing her smile vale la pena.

-We had a fun night with Lucho, Milagros and their 2 kids. They told us that they wanted to try pizza for the first time, but they didn´t know how to order it! So we all went down and bought pizza together. When we were all together eating, I had so many flashbacks and memories being with my own family. I told Milagros thank you for making me feel like I was with my family, and she got all teary eyed! It´s amazing to find pieces of my family and home in a different country!

-On Sunday, everyone voted for their new president. We weren´t allowed to have church, or go out to teach until later that night. It´s crazy because in Perú, you have to vote and if you don´t, you have to pay between 200-300 soles. It´s insane! So we studied, made cookies, watched a video, and rested. That evening we had 2 more noche de hogares.

-We finally found Johnny our mechanic and his family! We taught them about the Restauracion! Before we started the lesson, they had sooooo many questions about tithing, skirts, everything! But as we taught them about the restoration, their eyes widened, they became more calm and they were totally listening! At the end of the lesson we asked them how they felt and Johnny´s wife said she felt a power within her being! Johnny said as he held the scriptures in his hands, he felt like he could do anything! It was an awesome experience with them. We are going to continue teaching them.

Mom and dad, that´s crazy that you guys are getting ready to pick up Haley! That literally went so fast. I can´t believe it! I wish I could be there with you guys, but yall know that time goes by fast and before you know it, you´ll be lugging my suitcases home! Mom congrats on the new job!!! that is awesome! I am so proud and excited for you. Dad good luck on your new ride, don´t get hurt!

Lauren, hey you´re going to being in high school soon! That´s insane!!!! I love you so much! Just enjoy every day, I know how you feel, sometimes it´s hard, but just keep going con buen animo!!! Si se puede!!! Te quiero mucho y espero que tenga una buena semana y tambien practique tu español! Tienes que practicar para mi!

Well folks, that´s all I got this week, I love you so much, you are always in my prayers...

Hermana Kirk


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