March 21, 2016


Mollendo, Peru


Hermana Calderon

Good things come to those who wait.....the package from home FINALLY arrives!

Hey familia!

So first things first! I FINALLY GOT MY PACKAGE!!! WHOOOOO! Merry Christmas to me! Thank you so much for sending it.I love all the pictures and music and the candy!! It was weird eating a kit kat, it was almost too rich for me to eat!

This week was good, here are a few highlights of what happened.

-so last pday was my favorite. we went to a little pueblo called la curva. we made steak, macaroni, and all kinds of things with the elders. then we walked to the beach. let me tell you, the beach there was absolutely beautiful! the sand is gray and the waves are aqua and there are pink crabs that dance on the shore. we had a good time running around, playing with the crabs and doing cartwheels.

-we went to arequipa for a conference and it was so nice to see old companions and old leaders.

-we still are teaching Edith and she is progressing little by little. and now we are teaching her daughter!

-Hector is progressing too, he was less active, but now he is coming to church and going to seminary. He told us that he wants to serve a mission and help others come unto Christ!

-There´s a family that we have been teaching for a while. Lucho is the dad and he´s a member, his partner Milagros is not, but his kids are members. Lucho and milagros are not married, but we have a goal to help them get married. Milagros wants to get baptized, but first they have to get married!

So yeah, we had a good week, we are still finding and contacting new people through the members in the branch. We have lots of appointments for next week, so we are hoping everything will work out!

Lauren, I love the pictures you sent me! You really are an artist! And thank you for my letter in my package, it was very sweet of you! I hope you have a sweet spring break! Go to the beach and go swimming a lot for me!!

Dad, I`m glad that you got the cabinets done! Send me a picture if you can! Thanks for your inspiring words, they really help a lot. You know that the mission is hard, so thank you so much! I hope you have a sweet week!

Mom, thank you for sending the package!!! It got here in December and then it was waiting for such a long time in lima or something, i have no idea why but yeah. tell everyone at GO that I say hi! I hope everything is going well in the house. I miss you guys a lot. But I am really enjoying the mission, it`s hard, but I`m learning to appreciate the little things. Everyday is a blessing and I´m so glad that I´m here. I love you!!!

Hermana Kirk


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