February 22, 2016


Mollendo, Peru


Hermana Vasquez

Baptism, visiting angels, & birthday celebration x2 - firecrackers and eggs!

Que tal mi familia??

Ok this week was insanely good. We celebrated our birthdays together! My companion is 21 and I`m 20! We woke up to firecrackers outside our door. Peruvians...we worked that day, visiting people and all that. Then we had lunch with our favorite family. The mom`s name is Amada and she has 3 sons, one of them is serving in Cusco, Aaron, the other is 13, Edwardo, and the little one is Sebastian and he`s 10. She made our favorite peruvian dish Ahí de gallina. And she made homemade cake for us. Sebastian knows how to dance, so we made him dance for us. Later that night we came home and ate more good peruvian food and they smashed our faces with cake and then we got eggs smashed on our heads. It`s a classic Peruvian tradition. But we had to wash our dang clothes. Overall it was great.

We had a baptism on saturday! His name is Edwin. His wife was less active, but she is coming to church now and now her husband is a member! They have 2 little kids and it was awesome. He told us that he wanted to be baptized so that he can be reborn again. And that`s really what baptism is. But, it`s just the beginning. We have a lot of work to do in this life after baptism. We have to press forward. We have to be Saints! Saints are people who are strong members in the church, who keep trying, who do their best.

A cool story, so we were walking at night to go visit a less active and then we saw a little old lady sitting on the curb. It turned out to be a member from our branch. She was so happy to see us! She lives alone, but she is a super cool lady. Super strong in the church. She told us that she was praying to not feel so alone and then she looked up and saw us! She said, God really did send me my angels! It was a super cool moment. It`s true, God answers our prayers. Even our little prayers. He answers them in his own time and in his way.

Lauren, Wow sounds like you had a killer week! I did too! Yeah my birthday was super fun! They were singing a wake up happy birthday song. I`ve never heard it before, but the firecrackers totally scared me! Good luck in County! You will do awesome. I love you kiddy and I miss you so much. Btw, Edwardo, the 13 year old who we visit a lot was asking about you. hahahahahahaha.

Mom, Lorena showed me the messages. She kept asking me how to spell things in English. She`s super cool and funny. My comp and I are doing well. We are working our tails off. We sweat a lot. It`s very hot and humid here, kind of like in Washington DC. She is very nice and we laugh a lot. She doesn`t know any english. I`m teaching her little by little. My bday was great! Tell bobo I say happy b day!!! I love you and I hope all is well. I have lots of photos from this week. I hope you have an awesome week.

Classic dad is tired. Me too. Haha but it`s ok. Everyday is different. That`s what I like about the mission, you never know what to expect. I was just thinking about the kitchen cabinets! I want to come home to a new kitchen haha. I ate some super awesome chicken this week and I thought about you. They have this spice here called ahì and it comes in different colors and flavors. They use it all the time in cooking. I wonder if they have it in the states. But yeah as I was eating it, I thought of you. Ok take care and I love you guys!

Hermana Abuela


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