January 4, 2016


La Joya, Peru


Hermana Amber Thornton

Tables of yellow, a visit from Presidente, and nino fans

Mi familia y amigos,

¡FELIZ AÑO! Happy 2016! Wow let me tell you, Peruvians are crazy when it comes to big holidays like this! First of all, in the mercado, there was a ton of yellow stuff. Everything was yellow! It´s because they believe that the color yellow is lucky. So there were tables FULL of yellow not kidding. At 12:00am new year´s morning, the whole sky was like a rainbow of fireworks. I´m talking huge, illegal fireworks! It went on for a solid 20 minutes and then my comp and I went back to bed. We bought sparklers in the street for 1 sole. It was a good new year´s. That day we also ate Columbian food with the Elders with a new family that just moved into our branch. They made homemade guacomole and it was sooo good!

This week was a very productive week. We taught a lot of lessons, and walked sooo much! We are teaching a hermana who has a son serving a mission, her name is Florentina. She is awesome. At first, she wanted her son to come home from his mission because it was really hard for her to be away from him, but as we´ve been teaching her, she told us that she´s not afraid anymore, she trusts God in all things. She is going to be baptized in March because she has to get divorced and married and all that good stuff, so I´ll keep you updated on that. Anel also has a new date to be baptized this month, so we are teaching and working with her. Katty has a date to be baptized this month too. She told us that out of all the churches she´s been to, she said that our church has a different spirit. She said that she can´t quite describe it, but she loves it! So we are working with her to help her be prepared for baptism.

On sunday, we had a pleasant surprise because PRESIDENTE ZOBRIST came to church! He and his wife just showed up at the building and we were all shocked! My companion and I were nervous because we had to teach Gospel Principles that day. But the class went great! A lot of people showed up and lots of our investigators came to church too! We also taught Relief Society about temples. It was a very emotional class because all of the women have goals to enter into the temple and be sealed to their families. Only 2 women in our ward have been and entered in the temple. We are very excited to have a temple in Arequipa soon!

Funny thought: so almost everyday, my companion and I will be walking and then we hear a little kid´s voice yell HERMANAS!!! It´s so funny because we meet little kids all the time and then they always remember us and we don´t remember them! But the kids here are so cute. Lots of them work with their parents selling food out on the streets. Sometimes they offer watermelon for us for free. It´s the cutest thing. One time a little girl asked for our autograph because it was the first time she saw americans! We gave her a passalong card with our information.

Lauren, I miss you too! it was weird celebrating new year´s without you. But im glad you had a great time with oakley! I hope you have a good time at school. Pretty soon you will be in high school!!! I love you and keep working hard!

Dad, im glad you guys had a great time together celebrating new year´s. i thought about you guys a lot that day. I love our traditions! I still have not received the package, but next week we have zone conference and that´s when we should recieve letters and stuff like that, so im crossing my fingers! keep swimming and riding your bike! i miss you soo much! but you´re right, time is flying by fast.

Mom, sounds like a cool new years! i miss chocolate! i miss your cookies and pancakes and all your good food! but i do know how to make a few peruvian dishes, so when i come home, i can cook for everyone! it´s cool that we can learn so much in the mission that can help us in the future. thank you for your encouraging words, they always strengthen me every week! i love you guys!!!

well that´s all for this week, I hope you guys have a killer week and keep working hard! I love you guys!!

Hermana Kirk


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