November 30, 2015


La Joya, Peru


Hermana Canto

KFC - A little bit of America in Arequipa


Wow another week has passed. I cant believe that ive been out for 3 months! I´m almost done with my capacitation with my comp. I also cant believe that christmas is coming up too! What the what...anyway here´s my week.

Our investigator Alex came to church again! He is progressing and we are so happy! We are still waiting for the permission from the parents of we shall see. We had our Family History activity with the branch. We drove the president´s minivan to arequipa with 15 of our investigators and members to the family history building. We helped the people make accounts and find names to send to the temple. One of our recent converts Jordan sent 3 names to the temple! It was so fun.

Sunday was pretty cool. My comp and I had to give talks right on the spot because none of the people who were supposed to give talks didnt show up...I gave my talk on faith and I used a ton of scriptures to eat up time haha. I also taught relief society about arrpentimiento and it went really well. My spanish is getting better and better.

Ok here are a couple funny stories. When we were in Arequipa for p day last week, we ate KFC and I felt like I was in America. It was the weirdest feeling ever! Also, I always crack my comp´s back every day and one of our less active members found that out and so I gave her a massage and she told me i have magic hands because all her pain went away.

We also celebrated the birthday of presidente Lopez. We surprised him in the morning with a giant card and gifts. We all ate breakfast together and had a great time taking pics with him. When we came home from proselyting, we had a little party with cake and guitar playing and all that good stuff.

The mission is hard. Life is hard. But I know that God gives us these challenges to help us and to make us stronger in the end. All we need to do is confiamos en Dios y seguimos adelante cada día. It´s amazing that we can talk to God wherever and whenever we want. I know that He hears and answers our prayers. Porque somos literalmente sus hijos y hijas y nos ama mucho.

Lauren, heyyyy! Don´t worry, I´m sick too. I have a nasty cough. It started with a runny nose but now it´s a gross cough. But don´t worry, I feel a ton better. I miss and love you so much kid. I´m glad that you had a great thanksgiving. We ate a lot that day because it was presidente´s b day! I hope all is well and I love you so much!

Dad, I miss you! I wished i was there to eat with all yall. But don´t worry, ive got 15 months left. Ok, when we were in arequipa, we passed by a small café and they were blasting the song Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden and I totally thought of you. My pensionista and her husband always play american 80´s music in the house when they are cooking or cleaning and it always reminds me of you and mom. The mission is good, sometimes my comp and I have communcation problems, but we are getting better. I am enjoying every second. Sometimes i stop and think, wow i am not in America. haha but the mission is great. I love you and i hope you get better!!!

Mom, I love you! I miss and think about you often. I cant wait to see you guys on skype! i hope everything is going well for you guys. its crazy to think that aaron is home! yeah the mission life is good. i have a little cold, but im eating and drinking lots of water. every day is hard, but i am learning soo much. the people here are awesome. im excited to get my package! and my pensionista is excited to meet you and everyone! she is awesome, very kind hearted and funny. i hope you guys have an awesome week and i love you so much!

Thank you for all your prayers and support. I pray for all of you every day. Trust in God and keep on keeping on!

con amor,

Hermana Kirk


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