November 23, 2015


La Joya, Peru


Hermana Canto

Arequipa's Got Talent

Hola mi familia loca!

This week flew by so fast, I don´t even know where to begin! Right now im actually in Arequipa because they have us permission to visit arequipa for the day. It is pretty crazy here! We ate some good food this week! We visited the familia Valdivia (recent converts) and they made banana empanadas. Holy cow, so good! I always love visiting their family because they are always happy, laughing, listening to their music and chatting. Veronica got baptized last saturday and she is so happy! We all went out for lunch after at this seafood place and it was the bomb!!!

Oh, we also had our talent show this last saturday too. We made up a mash up dance with the elders. We danced to this peruvian song called Festronika, then the Elders danced to the michael jackson song Bad, then Elder Lucero and I did synchronized swimming behind a blue blanket with goggles to the song Under the Sea. Then we all danced to the song the Chicken Dance. It was pretty hilarious.

We witnessed a miracle on sunday. We have an investigator Alex who is 14 and he has a baptismal date for December 12th. He wants to get baptized but he doesn´t like going to church because he´s so shy, but he promised that he would. So I´m directing the music for the opening song and Alex walks in with a big smile and waves at me and takes a seat. My comp looked at me and we were beaming from ear to ear! It seriously was a miracle!!!

Funny story. So we are walking back to our pensionista´s house and we pass by this old man and we said buenas noches, then he replied in english, hello my was the weirdest thing ever! We kept walking and then I translated the phrase into spanish for my comp and then we were laughing out loud all the way home. Stuff like this happens on the daily haha.

My comp has to walk with a cane sometimes because her knee is in bad shape. But we have been working really hard for our branch. We had 60 people attend church on sunday. This is the most we´ve ever had! We are going to keep on working for the branch. Anel´s baptism got moved because her parents randomly didn´t give her permission. We´ve been praying that her parents will open their hearts and accept their daughter´s decision. She wants to be baptized so bad! I´ve learned that the mission can be frustrating sometimes because people don´t want to accept something or don´t understand. But my purpose is simply to invite people to come unto Christ.

Lauren, im so happy you had an awesome birthday! wow ive been dreaming about those chocolate ice cream cones!!! that is the first sweet thing i want to eat when i come home haha. how have you been? i hope you had an awesome week! who is this boy that you like??? i hope you have a great week, and good luck with all your homework and stuff!!!

mom and dad, thank you for sending me the package, i will let you know when i get it! thank you for always praying for me and all that. i really appreciate it! my pensionista said that she is going to write some sentences in english so that she can say hi to you guys on christmas! i hope you guys are practicing your spanish! oh and mom, did you find out any information about that cleaning machine thing? let me know if you did.

Well that´s all for this week, im going to try and send some pics! I love you all so much and have an awesome week!


Hermana Kirk


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