November 22, 2015


La Joya, Peru


Hermana Canto

Hermana Alpaca and the giant bug

My dear familia,

This week was pretty awesome! I feel like I´m slowly turning into a Peruvian! I heard this song on the bus coming home from a district meeting and I loved it! The cd is called The Segundo Rosero and the song is called Como Voy Olvidarte. I told some of the members that I like that song and when i tell them, they go searching for the song so that we can listen to it! The Pervians LOVE their music. My spanish is coming along more and more, my companion and I are talking and conversing so much, I feel like she and I are friends now. It´s crazy because at first, she didn´t want to learn english at all, but yesterday she told me that she wants to learn so that we can have secret conversations!

We witnessed a lot of miracles this week. We visited Hermana Valentina and her family on saturday to cook lunch together, she is less active and her kids are not baptized. We conversed with her and she gave us permission to baptize Shantel and Favio! This is a miracle because her kids want to be baptized but she was so hard hearted and didn´t want to let us teach them. We are so excited!

Some weird food I ate- chuño (tastes like a flavorless potatoe), alpaca (tastes like steak) cow intestines (chewy, but pretty flavorful).

We are going to have a baptism this saturday for our investigator Anel. She is 13 and she has braces, she is the cutest thing ever! We also have another investigator Katty, and she is so sweet. She has been coming to church all by herself, all the actvities, and english classes. She wants us to teach her, but she works all day so we are going to keep on working with her. I have a good feeling about her, she already has a testimony, I can feel it!

We are going to have a Show de Talentos this saturday with the rama. My comp and I are going to act out this peruvian song called Amiga Mia. We are also going to do a peruvian dance with the Elders. It´s going to be hilarious. We also have another activity the following saturday. We are going to caravan to Arequipa to the Family History center and help the members and investigators find out more about their history and find names to send to the temple!

Funny story- so one night I´m brushing my teeth and all of a sudden I feel something land on my shoulder. I look, and there is this GIGANTIC black bug staring at me with its beaty little eyes. Probably the biggest bug I´ve ever seen in person. Bigger than a cockroach. I screamed and ran back to our room and yelled at my companion, saca lo saca lo!!!!!! She was dying laughing. I don´t think I have ever been so scared in my whole life!

Yeah it´s always hot here, like hottttt. But at night it´s nice and cool. The heat makes us really tired, so we always buy a slice of watermelon while we´re walking to keep us cool. The new members come to church every week, we don´t teach them usually because they live in the Elder´s area, but we teach them sometimes. P-day last week was fun! We wrote our families, ate chicken at this restaurant, played volleyball, got ice cream and went home. We taught la familia Pinto about the restoration and it was pretty powerful. The son Danilo knew a ton! We are going to ask him to be baptized in December. Yeah the bugs are still bugging me, but i´m getting used to it! I´m sleeping like a rock every night! I don´t usually wake up, unless there are dogs barking like crazy. There was a fiesta right outside our window at like 11pm and we were ticked off. But we still slept right through it with our ear plugs! But yeah, this week was good. We have a ton of upcoming baptisms and lots of lessons to teach and activities to plan, so we are pretty busy. Some days are rough, but I love the mission. I love the people, the culture, the language, the food (but I hate cow liver. it is soooo nasty).

Dad, that is so awesome that you prayed in french! I bet everyone loved it! I can´t wait until christmas and you can hear my spanish! You can meet my pensionsita, her son, her husband, my companion, everyone! It´s really fun to speak fast and with different tones and stuff like that. I´m learning different jokes and funny words. Yeah I heard about ISIS, a lot of people told me about it because they were concerned about my country. A lot of people have no idea what´s going on outside Perú. It´s kind of mind blowing sometimes. I hope you ahve a good week and get better at making pot roast. Also, happy early birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren, I miss you!!! I told Shantel the 13 year old investigator that you said hi and she said she wants to meet you! I hung out with her and her family on saturday and we talked about you. I hope you had an awesome week. Happy early birthday teenager!!!! Pretty soon you can go to dances!!! What the what! I´m glad that you are sharing the gospel with your friends. I know your friends need to hear your testimony. I hope you have a fantastic week and party it up with Dad!!

Mom, I´m glad you had an awesome week. I wish i was there to hear the talks! In relief society, my comp and I taught about family history to prepare everyone for the activity. I shared about how my family has a lot of music in their history. I showed them the hymns that Alfred M durham wrote and they were blown away! Each day is getting a little bit better. My comp tells me that my spanish is really good. She messes with me at times and is a little bit of a bully, but it´s all out of love. She is pretty hilarious. Thank you for always praying for me. Trust me, I feel your prayers! They strengthen me! I pray for you guys every day. I love you and keep on keeping on mommy!

Well that´s all for now, until next week, chauuuu!

Hermana Alpaca


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