November 11, 2015


La Joya, Peru


Hermana Canto

Walking and Miracles

Mi familia favorito!

Què tal, como estàn?? This week was a bit crazy, lots of finding, walking, and miracles! On tuesday, we had a district reunion and we were waiting for a bus to take us to Pedregal. We waited for about 25 minutes and then we saw a beautiful car drive was PRESIDENT ZOBRIST! We called him and told him to turn around and get us and he did!! He was actually on his way to our reunion! That was so awesome! We also went with our elders looking for less active members and finding their houses. Let me tell you, it is so hard! The houses are all scattered everywhere! But we found some people and we taught them outside their doors and it was so fun. I taught relief society this week! I taught about how when we keep the commandments we get blessings! I told the story about how you guys paid your tithing with faith and then the next day you found a vacuum cleaner! We also taught 84 year old Monica. She wants to follow Jesus Christ, so we are going to keep on teaching her. We have 1 baptism coming up on the 21st. Her name is Anel. She is 13 and she is so cute! She is tiny and has braces. She came to church with us this week. The rest of our baptisms are going to be in december. We have lots of high hopes with Nicole, her mom, Monica, Nancy, David (tiny little crazy kid), and a few others. Ok, here are some answers:
(Here are the questions)
1. How is Nicole? Tell her your family says hi and hope to meet her someday!
2. How do you pay for all of your stuff in Peru? Do you have a mission ATM card?
3. What scriptures did you study this week? Did anything help in your teaching?
4. What kind of service did you do this week?
5. How many miles do you think that you walk each day?
6. How far away from you do the other missionaries live? I think you said there are some elders near by.
7. How was your Sunday?

1. Nicole is doing great! We taught her and her mom Veronica about the plan of salvation. We are going to ask them to be baptized the next lesson!

2. We pay everything in cash. When we have zone meetings, we take out all our money from the bank for that month and use it to buy things or pay for moto taxis

3. I studied the scripture Mosiah 2 verse 41. I used this in my relief society class and also when we taught family home evening (noche de hogar)

4. We have been working with our president of our branch. He has been really sad and stressed out lately. We are working hard with our pensionista and her family. We are going to have Family home evening with them tonight

5. I have no varies, I would say probably 3-5 every day. I`m not sure!

6. Our elders live in our pensionista`s house, it`s literally a minute away on foot. But we are an hour away from our district. We are kind of in the boonies

7. Sunday was good! It was fast sunday for us, so the spirit was really strong, pretty much everyone bore their testimony. My comp said that my testimony was really powerful and it was in perfect spanish!

Overall this week was pretty good, of course there were some hard moments, but the Lord strengthened me through it all. I am so glad that you guys had a killer week! The color run looks so fun!! I love you guys so much. I think and pray for all of you individually everyday.

Lauren, I am so proud of you that you have good grades! Following the Kirk footsteps yeah? The color run looks so fun, I totally want to do that when I come home! And dude, you look so old! Like everytime I see a picture of you, it takes me a second to realize that it`s you! Keep on keeping on and I hope you have an awesome week!

Dad, I am so happy that you had an awesome week too! I can`t believe Aaron is coming home! That blows my mind. Time goes by so fast! Man I miss santa cruz and I miss mexican food!!! Like sooo bad!!! Peruvian food is good, but I miss food from home! The color run pics are so awesome! I love them! I hope you have an awesome week and keep cleaning people`s teeth and keep on being good and all that.

Mom, yeah put the music on the flash drive and pics of jesus is always a good idea. My pensionista wants to call you one day. She told me that she wants to talk to you but she`s afraid that you won`t understand! But she totally wants to meet you and dad. She`s awesome, she`s like my mom in Perù! When we skype on christmas, you can meet her. You can meet everyone! Sorry I don`t have a ton of time. We are actually writing in pedregal, we are having a combined p day with other districts. We`re going to play volley ball and go out to eat and all that. So it should be fun. I miss you mommy!!! I love you bobby!!!!

Well that`s all about it for this week. I don`t have any pics from this week but hopefully next week. We are going to have a talent show on the 21st, so there will definintely be some pics! I have no idea what im going to do. Probably sing a crazy peruvian song with Hermana Canto. We shall see. I love you all so much!! Sè que este Evangelio de Jesucristo es la fuente de felicidad. Sè que Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador y Redentor. Gracias a la Expiacion de Jesucristo, podemos ser felices y podemos ser libre de nuestros pecados. Sè que Dios is nuestro padre celestial amoroso, y Èl conoce cada uno de nosotros personalmente. ¡Soy Mormona y soy feliz!


Hermana Kirk


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