October 15, 2015


Arequipa, Peru


Hermana Canto

Hot water is overrated.....welcome to Arequipa!


I AM FINALLY IN THE MISSION FIELD!!!!! We arrived in Arequipa, the flight was good. My mission prez and his spouse with some missionaries picked us up. They took us on a little tour. They took us to the temple sight in Arequipa, the main plaza (google it it´s freaking awesome) and then to the mission home for lunch.

My area is La Joya. It is a tiny, poor, struggling farm town. My mission president said that he had faith that I could work really hard with my companion because this is a hard area. These people literally have nothing. They have their cows, chickens and their family. A lot of people live outside in tiny woven shacks. A lot of people don´t have roofs or running water or anything. My comp and I are the only sister missionaries in our entire area along with 2 Elders. My new companion is Hermana Canto from Lima. She is hilarious!!! She also speaks no English so I´ve been learning so fast. The only thing she knows is "freaking" and "shut up" haha. We have a tiny room on the top floor. Our bathroom is outside and the water for the shower is always ice cold. We have to boil water because there is no clean water. It's been a very humbling experience.

Our pensionista lives close to us, so we walk there and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner there with her son Juaquin and the Presidente of the branch. They are so awesome. I love them! She makes awesome food.

We walk EVERYWHERE! We have about 15 to 20 investigators that we visit every day. We pass through the streets and the outdoor market and everyone stares at me. My comp thinks it's the funniest thing ever.

The first day, we taught an investigator Alex. He is 13 and I invited him to be baptized and he said YES! We are going to work really hard with him to prepare to be baptized. So every day we get up, exercise, get ready, eat breakfast, study, and then go out all day. It's sometimes hard to actually teach lessons because people live outside and they are usually washing their clothes, peeling potatoes or doing some kind of labor. So we always offer to help. For example, we peeled about 200 potatoes with an investigator and her children because she sells food outside. We also helped a lady handwash all of her children's clothes, and another day we cleaned a popcorn cart and I sliced my thumb on the glass lol.

Ok, I absolutely adore the children!!! They LOVE ME. We have an investigator Shantel who is 12 and everytime we visit her she runs and screams my name and hugs me so tightly! She has 2 younger sisters and everytime I see them I say, ohhhh mis monos!!! (my monkeys) They always play with my hair, hold my hand, tug at my´s the cutest thing ever. They can´t pronounce Kirk, so they call me Hermana Queque (Hermana Cake). We had church yesterday. There were only about 25 people there including the missionaries and children. I led the music. I sat with my companion and with 5 other children. They go to church by themselves. All of them wanted to sit by me haha. I got a fever yesterday after church, so we decided to stay inside and sleep all day. I´m much better now. my pensionista took very good care of me.

So yeah, everything is great! It´s very hot here, so my hair is turning white and my skin is getting darker and we sweat a ton. On p day we email at 10 am to 12pm! We go to a place in town that has computers and we pay 1 sol for every hour. I miss you guys a ton!!! My comp took a bunch of pictures so I will send some!! I love you guys so much and I hope you have a great week!!!


Hermana Queque


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