September 27, 2015


MTC Lima, Peru


Hermana Moon

Adventures in Lima East - Lego houses and lots of cats

¡¡¡Hola errybody!!!

Thank you so much for all your emails! I have so much to tell you! This week was awesome!! I can´t believe I only have like 2 weeks left and then I´m off to Arequipa! Ok, so we went proselyting on Saturday in Lima East. I was absolutely blown away by how crazy it was. I´ve never experienced anything like it. We took a bus around 12pm and arrived an hour later. There are dirt mountains everywhere with brightly colored houses that look like legos. Laundry is hanging everywhere. There is garbage, dogs, cats, poop, little kids EVERYWHERE. I was speechless. There were houses made out of cardboard. Literally everyone was missing teeth. So we got to the chapel and they split us off with missionaries in that field and with members of that ward. Hermana Moon and I went with 4 members who spoke no English. That was a struggle. It was hard to get a conversation flowing but once I talked about how much I love the Peruvian food, they loved me! Btw, they were so short. Some of them were shorter than my shoulder. We visited less-active members and invited them to watch conference. We contacted 2 ladies on this little dirt alley-way neighborhood thing. They both said that they were Catholic, but they still listened to our message. Hermana Moon and I quickly realized how much we still need to learn. They speak so fast! We also visited this lady with a cute baby. She had a box of newborn kittens on the front door step. We invited her to watch conference. It was so sad because her baby was so dirty. These people literally have nothing. But they are so friendly!! We visited this other family and taught them for about an hour. One guy we taught was named Jamie. I actually asked him questions and testifyed about how important it is to take the sacrament! I could tell he understood and really appreciated my message. We also sang in spanish for them. They loved us! They smiled with no teeth and were so happy. They gave us some Inka Kola which is a super popular drink here. It tastes like carbonated bubble gum. It is delicious! I wish they had it in America. We left and then went wandering around the streets trying to find another house. Everywhere we went, people stared, whistled, even took PICTURES of me and Hermana Moon. The 4 members we were with stopped and each took a picture with us because they said we were so beautiful. I think that was the first time they had ever seen Americans. We walked back to the chapel and a van pulled up with 2 men and they said in english, [OMG} it was so embarrassing. That was an amazing experience. I literally wish you were all there to see what it was like. It felt like I was in a story book. I

íve never seen people live in these conditions before. When we had to leave, we said goodbye to the 4 members. They each gave me a huge hug and they started to CRY! They said in spanish that they didn´t want me to go. They loved me! I only knew them for like 4 hours! I started to cry too! I absolutely love these people.

So that was awesome. The rest of this week was great too. Everyday before we study, Hermana Moon plays Clair de Lune on the out of tune piano and this song called Cristiforie´s dream. Look that song up! Sooo good! My spanish is coming along! I am speaking and improving each day. Every time we teach, I don´t have to worry so much because I can understand and respond to almost each question. Oh! Everyone says ´five-ever´now because of me. I told everyone that it was my sister who started that!

I am working out every day and I´m getting strong! I WILL NOT GET FAT! I work out with Hermana Van Patten and we both do P-90 together! Then we run for the rest of the time. It´s such a good stress reliever. Oh, my hair is getting so BLONDE. Don´t be alarmed if my hair is white by the time I come home.

On sunday, after lunch we study for about 4 hours. I love it because that´s when I get to read my scriptures and spiritually re-charge for the week. My district and I got together and read El Libro de Mormón and had a discussion. I love them! We also watch spiritual movies and firesides the rest of the night. We watched Legacy. Literally the chesesiest movie I´ve ever seen in my life.
Today we went to the temple, except we didn´t go in because they messed up our time. So we went in the visitor´s center and had a discussion about 3rd Nephi ch 11. I love 3rd Nephi because in the temple, they have these beautiful paintings of the angels circling the children in a ring of fire. Then we went shopping and contacting. I bought a scripture case. It´s handmade and has a llama on it with bright colors that is hand woven. We also went to Totus and got some snacks and water. My compañeras and I also got gellato! We contacted a lady today (I went for it because they were so nervous!) and she spoke English! We just got to know her and then she had to leave. But she was so sweet.

Wow! There are a ton of changes in the ward! But that´s awesome!!! Wow, Lauren is so talented!!! I absolutely love that painting! Sorry my email was so long, we got to write some a little beforehand, because we had so much that happened this week! Wow the missionary blog is awesome! Haha it says I only did like 5% haha. Still got a long periolodically time to go! But honestly, I am so happy. I have never felt so close to my Heavenly Father before. It is so hard to be out here and I´m tired every day, but I absolutely love it. I am happy ALL THE TIME! I know it´s going to get a lot harder out in the field, but I know I´ll be settled in soon. I love you guys SO MUCH! Thank you for always praying for me. I feel it! Good luck dad on your bike race!!! Go kill it!! Lauren, I hope you´re tinker bell! Let me know how it goes! I love your painting! Keep it up, you seriously can do this as a career maybe when you get all big n stuff. I love you too!! Wow that is so scary! Nasty bugs. There are weird bugs here too! lots of moths and crap. But the weather is very similar to home. I actually really like the weather here. Good luck with all your stuff this week you guys and keep on doing good. I sent some pics from the temple today. One with my compañeras and one of the Elders in my district, Elder Klein, Miller, McMillan, and Rice! I will send more pics because my comps will email them to me. I love you all and I can´t wait to hear from you next week!!

¡¡¡Chaufa!!! (informal way of saying good bye lolz)

Hermana Kirk


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