September 7, 2015


MTC Lima, Peru


Welcome to Peru!! Sister Kirk is in the house!

¿Como te val?

Sorry I sent a super short email, we only had 5 minutes and I forgot to tell you guys! Perú is FANTASTICO!!!!! I love it so much. When we took a bus to the CCM (that´s what they call it here) and I totally felt the spirit when we drove through the city. everything is dirty, loud, muy loco!!!! Oh yeah, we have p day on wednesdays. There is so much to say so i will try my best to keep you updated.
-we have spanish class for about 8-9 hours a day. i am learning so fast!! i can pray, bear my testimony, and teach a little all in spanish! in 1 week!!!
-i have 2 companions, hermana moon and hermana van patten, we get along so well. we laugh a lot! especially because there is so much to do and learn, so we just tend to laugh it off
-the food is good! the breakfast is nasty, so i usually eat toast and this yogurt drink, lunch is very good. rice always rice. and some sort of meat and sometimes veggies. the ice cream is really good! dinner is good too, pretty similar to lunch.
-ive talked to a lot of the latinos y latinas and some are from arequipa and they say that´s the best mission in peru because of the people, the weather, and the food!
-my district has 12 people and they are all awesome! we are in class together all day so we´ve become a family. we all work so hard to be obedient and we´ve really become such good friends. its funny because i'm the only one from california!!
-the ccm is absoulutely beautiful. there are white buildings, brightly colored flowers and trees and fountains. i'm so happy i'm here! even though this is probably the hardest thing ive ever done!
-we work out every day (i don´t want a rice belly) so we run, play soccer, volleyball, basketball...they have everything here!!
-Elder Bednar came to talk to us!! we got to sit in the front. it was really awesome. i wish i could tell you more but they only give you 1 hour to email.
-schedule-wake up at 630, breakfast at 715, personal study from 8-9, class 9-12, lunch at 12´15, class after that till 3, physical activity from 315-4´05. class after that until dinner at 615, class from 7-9, planning from 9-930. quiet time and getting ready for bed. im pretty much tired all the time, but everything is great. i am learning so much. i sent you a long email, but for some reason, i cant see it, so let me know if you got it. ahhhh i hate technology!!!!! but i sent you some pictures too, hopefully you got them.

p day is crazy day. you wake up super early, have breakfast at 6, do laundry, and go to the temple. buuuut, you have to take public transportation, so a big group of like 21 elders and hermanas had to pile into this tiny crappy nacho libre bus. we were crammed in there like sardines. you have to hold onto a rail and you end up falling everywhere because they drive so crazily!!!

the temple was awesome. we had to say everything in spanish, but it all went well. the celestial room was so beautiful!!!!! then we went shopping at this place called metros, they have random shops, like the picture with all the bunnies!!! i only bought some water and some cookies, but next time i will buy some things for you guys. they have super cool peruvian stuff thats handmade and super cheap. we had to cross the street a thousand times and it is so scary. people drive so fast and honk and yell and everything! everyone kept staring and saying bienbenidos!! the people are so cute.

i'm glad that you guys had a good time dropping off haley! i kept thinking about you guys all week! i havent gotten super homesick yet, probably because every minute is scheduled out so you dont have time to think about anything!! but i do miss you guys. i want to take you guys to peru and show you around! anything else super interesting???? i miss and love you guys so much! im all out of time, i hope i covered everything that happend this week. plz write back!!! Te amo!!!


Hermana Kirk


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