September 30, 2015

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From Home - Did you not tell them they were the Lord's chips?

hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Hi how are you? I loved your last email! that was really interesting to hear about that! Oh and one thing: I GOT THE PART AS TINKER BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy about that! and oakley is peter pan because she has the talent and she was like the only person who tried out for peter pan. Sharrel is wendy. Oh and I went to my last art class. it was so much fun! we got to use colors this time! Oh my gosh school is so........well school! I get so much homework every day! and I'm doing a group project and all my partners are laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee. They won't do anything! But we have a break for all next week. So how ya been? did you eat any more weird food? any new people? tell me! I gotta go now. BYYYYYYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Lauren ;)

How's everything going with you and the missionary life down there? You must be getting excited to finally leave the MTC and get out into the field.
I as your dad must tell you that I am concerned deeply about your safety, I want you to listen to your Pres., companions, and members about the specific areas you are going to serve as to which areas are considered safe for pretty young American missionaries to be in. I want you to take this very seriously and know that you as a missionary are protected, however you must be very "in tune" to the spirit and listen to your true feelings when you approach an area as to you and your companions safety. If you ever get a bad or uneasy feeling you must act upon it and not let your brain/mind override these feelings and reason or justify that your feelings are incorrect or wrong. You are especially close to the spirit and you must act upon these feelings. Know that the spirit will guide and direct you as to where you will go and who you will teach, but I want you to use your street smarts as well and always be aware of your surroundings where ever you may find yourself so you will be protected and safe. OK? People will be naturally drawn to you and want to get to know you because of your appearance, ethnicity, nationality, etc. and you can be a magnet to attract people to hear your message,,,BUT it may also attract a negative aspect and that is what concerns me so please take these words and reflect and think about them. Ok I feel better because this has been on my mind for a long time and I want you to take this very seriously. There were certain areas in Paris that we were absolutely no allowed to enter for our safety. GOOD! I need to go to bed! Love, DAD

Hi Brighton!!! So you are getting ready to head out of the MTC!!! Prime time! Wow! I'm not sure how it feels for you but it seems like time is going by pretty quickly. Probably because we are all keeping ourselves busy......not as busy as you, but pretty busy. I gave Alma at GO your website so she can check out your letters and photos. She is so cute! She was really excited to hear about how you are doing and how your life in Peru is. I told her that she can send you an email through the site so maybe you'll hear from her. I can't remember if I told you that I went to Time Out for Women in Sacramento with aunt Julie and we got to see a bunch of great speakers and musicians. We will have to go sometime after your mission. Brad Wilcox spoke, and Sherry Dew. Really inspirational messages. There was one woman (Meg Johnson) who was paralyzed from a hiking accident (she was hopping from boulder to boulder in southern Utah, like where all the red rocks are, and misjudged her last jump because her eyes played tricks on her because everything looked red and she thought there was another boulder and THERE WASN'T!!! and she jumped off a 40 foot cliff!!!) and talked about finding strength in trials and looking for the blessings and good things when things aren't so good. She shared a poem that was really good. It's from William Blake. It says:
I sought my soul and my soul I could not see.
I sought my God but my God eluded me.
I sought my brother and I found all three.

I love this because it is so true. When we look beyond ourselves we truly find happiness and joy. Have you met people who are supposedly really religious or spiritual, but then they don't live it and don't see beyond their own existence and are kind of self centered? I know the natural man makes us all like that a little bit, but service to others is really the key. And you are all over that!! Your mission will be a time when you will grow so much on so many different levels. And the blessings of service will bring a greater personal understanding of yourself and our Heavenly Father and His plan for all of us. You've got a pretty good thing going that's for sure!
One more quick quote from Pres. Uchtdorf:
"We sometimes think that being grateful is what we do after our problems are solved, but how terribly shortsighted that is. How much of life do we miss by waiting to see the rainbow before thanking God that there is rain?"
I know that I totally do that! But I'm learning to take the challenges in life a little better. Keep this in mind when you come up against some challenges on your mission. And if all else fails, smile and wave! Things are good here. We all think about you, talk about you, and pray for you every day! It's actually a good way to have missionary experiences by having you serve because I get to tell lots of people about what you are doing. I am so excited for you to get out into your first area! They are going to love you....even if you don't speak Spanish very well. Remember Elder Lauti?? He was like our favorite and he struggled with English, but he improved so much in the months that he was in our ward. I like how you share your favorite scriptures or inspiring things you are gives us lessons for FHE! :)
K, I better get going. I love you and am super excited for you!!! What a cool opportunity this is!! Love every minute....every grilled guinea pig minute! hahaha!
Take care, be careful, and stay healthy and strong, and keep on smiling and representing!
Oh, and look before you leap ;) Love you!!! :) Mom
p.s. here are just a few throwback Thursday pics.....even though it is Wed. :)


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