September 11, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Davidson

Change is in the Air

I'M BEING TRANSFERRED. I've been out for 13 months and this is only my second time being transferred. What the heck. I'm stoked for change but also super sad to leave everything/everyone behind. It's been 7 1/2 months...kind of a long time ya feel?

This was a good last week in Machias! The district came and blitzed our area so now we have a bunch of potentials we can follow up with. We also have three new friends investigating! We met a lady named Josette and she is the cutest person. She just moved in about 4 months ago and she was sad none of her neighbors came over to welcome her so she was super excited to meet us. She raised her kids in a church but hasn't gone to one herself in a while and is looking for one now! She said "You WILL see me at church. If not this week, then next week." The others are Kimberly, and Charles. Elders found Charles and apparently after the lesson, his dog Tippy followed them around and sat on the door step with them. Who could say no to Tippy?! I won't go into too much detail about these people since I won't be able to follow up, but I'm just so happy we got to meet all of them!

Wednesday was rough, like I don't even know what the deal was. I didn't feel too hot to begin with and then just nothing really happened all day. (It happens what are you gonna do). At the end of the day we were SO DONE we literally sat on our 70's recliners with our personal jugs of almond chocolate milk and chugged it. It solved all our problems immediately.

On another note, I listened to a talk the other day about earning an "unshakable testimony." It was way good but I especially love when he said "a person with an experience is never at the mercy of a person with an opinion." He talked about Jacob 7:5 and how no matter what or who tried to shake Jacob's faith, he "could not be shaken". A testimony is something we earn, not something that is given to us. Once we do what it takes to earn one and continually work on it, we will start to have experiences, and once we have those experiences, nothing anyone could say will shake us!

I don't have much else from this week. Catch ya on the flip in some new land.

Chyanne Kienitz in the middle. She hugged me for dear life when we came to say goodbye. She's hilarious.
Tried to get a picture with this Machias sign but I couldn't get the angle quite right. Just know the effort was there.
The district. I didn't realize how garbage these pictures were until we got home. Lol.
The Kilpatrick's. (Ward Mission Leader)
Weekly Planning with smoothies.
Twin cars
Homemade pizza (guess which one is mine?) and homemade ice cream.​


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