September 11, 2017

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Prayers Work & Miracles Happen!

Dear Dolly,

It is almost transfer time! Woot woot!! I am praying for a good transfer and companion for you. You have spent  a great deal of your mission in Machias so i am sure that leaving will be hard especially leaving Miranda who I know that you have grown to love. She will definitely have to take a trip to Arizona and stay with you. I am anxious to meet her and even more curious to hear her makeup tips that she gave you! I hope that you have had lots of success this week and can't wait to read all about it.

Friday I took a mental health day off from work. Things have been so incredibly slow I simply could not bear another day of trying to keep busy and pass the time. It is mind numbing to sit with not a whole lot to do. I am not sure why things are so slow right now at least on the listing side of things. Like a few months ago I was so busy I could barely keep up and now it is the complete opposite. With the holidays around the corner I don't have too high of hopes for things picking up. People don't generally want to buy or sale houses during the holidays. Ugh...oh will what are you gonna do? Anyway, since I took the day off I went and got my car washed, I returned a shirt that I got at Target a couple of weeks ago (decided I didn't love it), then I went to San Tan mall to Charming Charlie's. I am trying to find a new wallet so started there. Found a few that were ok but wasn't jumping up and down so left with nothing. It was too hot to walk around the mall so I left. Had you been with me I'm sure we would have hit all the fun stores. I then went over to Down East and got a couple of new tanks, woo hoo! From there I went to Michaels to try and become inspired. As you know my new calling is activity days leader. Well apparently I am the only one who is "crafty" so they elected me to make some decorations for the night. What a joke right!?. Anyway, I took pictures of each of the girls and somehow have to use the pics and the theme and make some decorations. Our theme is all about spiritual gifts that Heavenly Father has given us. I am somehow going to turn the photos into a gift of some sort. Ugh! I will keep you posted.

Saturday I slept in until almost 9:00! Happy day! Dad and I got up and had breakfast and then I did my regular Saturday stuff, laundry, vacuuming, mopping, that sort of thing. I drug dad to a chick flick called Home Again with Reese Witherspoon who I love I had high hopes for the movie but sadly it wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be. It was good, just not great. After the movie we went to Sweet Tooth Fairy and got a dozen cake bites. I have decided that they aren't near as good as a cupcake. I have been trying to get with Joanne for a while now but she has been gone and then she often doesn't feel good. Saturday around 6:00 she called and asked me to come visit. I of course went and was there until after 11:00! Poor girl is so afraid and sad about her cancer. We talked about all she is going to have to go through from chemo to blood tests to losing her hair and just plain being sick for the next year or so. It is a long process that she will not quickly recover from. She cried and then she'd laugh and tell an inappropriate Joanne joke, you know how she is. My heart really goes out to her she's got quite a battle ahead. Please keep her and Tom in your prayers. 

Some good news about Tim. This is a direct quote from his Facebook: "BIRTHDAY MIRACLE!! Friends, In February they diagnosed me w/ a virulent Stage 4 Cancer (5 areas of my body) and gave me a max, of 6-9 mos. to live. The 2nd & 3rd oncologists’ opinions were of little or NO HOPE. Dr. Kalmadi of The Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers was confident but said the chemotherapy had zero guarantee of working. You all know that it worked well and in June, I began immunotherapy (Keytruda, which saved Jimmy Carter's life) which had only a 15% chance of working. Basically, another shot in the dark. Today, on my 57th birthday, Dr. Kalmadi, told us that my lungs, lymph nodes and bladder are all CANCER FREE & the other two areas are much better!!! AN ABSOLUTE MIRACLE FROM GOD! No doubt. The odds were so far against me living through this year and now he’s talking about 5-10 years!!! We are stunned. We thank Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for giving us this miracle and I am well aware that I have more work to do on this earth. Also, I thank every one of you for praying, fasting, putting my name on the prayer and temple rolls of your faiths & churches. I’ve been humbled that friends, and congregations of people that I’ve never met, of Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Jaen, Muslim and other faiths have prayed for me and my family. We are humbled and very appreciative. THANK YOU ALL! Your love has brought tears to our eyes and gratitude to our hearts. Now, I remain on Keytruda and have the next scan around Thanksgiving with the complete expectation of more good news. Thank you, my Lord and my great friends! I’M BACK!!!" This truly is a miracle that no one expected. Prayers work! I am so pleased and happy for him and Carmen. He is truly one of the good guys!

Mad is finally warming up to her sister a little bit. She no longer goes running and crying to the other room when she cries and she actually kissed her a bunch of times of the head so progress. Then today Shaun said, "give me a kiss (she did), give mommy a kiss (she did), give baby Catherine a kiss, she said NO and went running steps I guess. Haha....She is a funny girl with a stubborn streak a mile long! I haven't seen Bryce in forever. He shoots me a text every so often to let me know that he is alive but other than that, nothing. I am going to have him and Shaun's family over next Sunday for dinner. I figure if I feed them they will come.

I was trying to think of some quote or profound way to end my letter but nothing is coming to me. I'll end by saying simply that I miss you, I love you and am so very proud of you. Can't wait to chat with you tomorrow.

Mommy 💜

On Mon Sep 11, 2017 at 9:22 AM wrote:

Still awaiting the transfer text...It's gonna be so weird to leave.

Woot woot. Love mental health days. I want to go shopping.

I don't know what you are talking about. Those cake bites are literally bomb. Can't believe you were there so late!

Holy cow Tim! What the heck/! That's crazy!! Why only 5-10 years if he's almost cancer free?

That is so funny of Mad! What a turd!

Love you bye!


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