September 5, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Davidson

Exude Godliness

It's Tuesday! Hope your Labor Day rocked, mine did.

First things first, we FINALLY got a new car this week. We've been expecting it for like 3 months now. It's a red 2017 Toyota Corolla and I'm pretty stoked about it. Pics included.

So sometimes this thing happens as missionaries where you have a totally awesome experience with someone and it's a literal miracle and then they fall off the face of the earth and nothing seems to come of it. Example 1: Teresa from last week. Example 2: Shirley. They both cancelled their lessons and we haven't been able to talk with them since. However, I'm grateful for the experiences we did have with each of them and I know that sometimes we just have to plant the seeds and give them time to grow!

Oh snap but I just remembered what happened last night! I'm so excited about this one. Okay so we just had the best p-day of our lives: Shopping spree at Alderwood Mall with Miranda, Chipotle, then dinner at an Italian place and fro-yo after with a family in the ward. After all that, proselyting began and we went to see someone in our ward list who moved out recently, not interested. But THEN, we knocked on a door that we've tried a couple times before and two little boys answered. Super cute. They got their mom and she came running down the stairs and I was fully anticipating to be lectured at and told to go away. But that was not the case my friends. She was so nice, like wow. In short, she has some family that is LDS, asked for a Book of Mormon, asked her son how long it would take them to read it, promised to finish in a week (or 2), said she wants us to come back to answer questions and that she wants to learn more/have her eyes opened to what her family believes, got her phone number, and we are going back next week. I love Tami!

I started reading the book, The Infinite Atonement. (When you have 6 months left on your mission, you are allowed to read it. I can't believe I'm at this point.) Anyway, it is SO good and SO deep and I'm learning SO much. If you haven't read it. Something that particularly stuck out to me as I was reading it this week was when the author was describing the Savior "godliness" during his earthly ministry. He said, "Every moment of every day his godly attributes were etching themselves on his outer shell. They manifested themselves in every smile, every glance, every spoken word. Godliness exuded itself in every thought, every action, and every deed." What a perfect example Christ is to us. We will never match his perfection during our own mortal ministry but we can certainly strive everyday to become more like him. How can we more fully allow the attributes of Christ to "etch themselves" on our outer shell? In a glance, in a thought. Food for thought :)

T-minus one more week in Machias guys #transfers. Here it goes.

Love you all, make this week fantastic.

Our new car
Miranda and Kiana (before Kiana leaves for school)
YSA Machias Ward
A terrifying snake we found. I threw a rock at it and it slithered away so fast I almost wet myself.
Other random pics we took in the middle of nowhere.


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