July 24, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Davidson

Thoughts That Came Into My Head

Hi friends!

This was just your average week in the mission field.

District meeting was really good this week. My district leader knows how to keep them interesting. He had us go into the gym with a bunch of obstacles set up (chairs scattered). He blindfolded one elder and had another try to direct him to the exit door while the rest of us were yelling and trying to get him to go the wrong way. We were the "distractions" we have as missionaries. Home life, music, p-day plans, etc. When he was half way to the door, the district leader stopped him and said "Stop, it took you too long, you missed your chance because you were distracted and the person you were going to see is gone." That really hit home for a lot of us. How many people were we suppose to share the gospel with, but missed the chance because we were distracted? Gave us all something to think about.

After that meeting, (and listening to "Conversion of a Catholic" if you haven't heard that talk, I suggest you check it out) we felt super motivated. We were working HARD. Tracting, following any little prompting, and using every minute we had. And what came of it? Nothing, we thought. No new investigators and the appointments we did have fell through. It would have been so easy to just throw in the towel for the week. But for some reason we didn't. We kept the faith. The next morning was Sunday and as we were walking into church, a member came up to us and said his neighbor injured his leg and is going through some other hard things and wants to talk with us! Yay! Then as we walked inside, this random guy came up to us and shook our hands. A girl followed behind him and hugged us and patted our faces. Turns out, she just got home from her mission this week. Her family (all nonmembers) moved into the area while she was gone. Her little brother came to church with her and she told us she was going to ask him if we could come over and share a message! So we did after church! The spirit was so strong in the lesson. If we felt it, I know that he felt it too. We are going back next week! So thankful for this miracle that came just in time! Sometimes we will pray and work hard for something we think we want, but might not see an immediate answer. When that happens, we need to keep the faith because the answer will come, just in a way we don't expect!

Oh also, update on Shirley. She was going to come to church on Sunday but when we called her on Saturday to remind her...she said she can't come because she keeps wetting her pants. That is a concern we are working to resolve. District Leader suggester adult diapers. I'll keep ya posted.

On Sunday I held a hamster for like 20 minutes and now all I want is a hamster.

Oh my gosh, on Thursday we were visiting a member in the ward and her backyard is a river. Finally put my waterproof camera to good use. We put our feet in the water and threw rocks. It was bliss. (photos attached)

I don't really remember what else happened this week. Nothing too significant. Had interviews with our President on Friday. He walked out of the office and the first thing he said was "I heard Sister Hilton's laugh! It's contagious!" I feel like my mother. You can hear her laugh from 3 miles away.

Yeah that's it. Bye fans. ✌​


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