July 10, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Davidson

Keep on Keeping On

I was gonna try to think of a creative way to open up this email but I'm just gonna stick with hey.

This was quite the week. Had 4 BBQ's. Happy 4th am I right?

So we found 3 new investigators this week. The first was Elena. Funny story actually: it was about 7:30 on Wednesday night. Our appointments all fell through and even mutual was cancelled so we had nothing to do. We were kind of discouraged already just because not many people were home that day. So we turned on the song "Fun to Find" and put on my "motivation" essential oil and went out to tract! Sometimes you just gotta do what you don't want to do. After about 6 doors of pretty rude, not interested people, we decided to go for another! The NICEST lady answered. She is a teacher in her 30's. She told us she has her own church but we told her all we wanted to do was add to what she already knew. She took a Book of Mormon and we are following up on Friday!

We also found Max. We went to our return appointment with Maddie (investigator we found last week) but she wasn't there (family vaycay). Max answered though and said he was a family friend house sitting. Long story short, we taught him the first lesson and he wants to be baptized! He was so open and way nice. He is 20 and hasn't gone to church since he was 6. We are going back on Friday!

Also found Sonia, who was a former. And guess what? Going back to teach her on Friday as well. Friday is about to be the craziest day of our lives.

Saturday had to be our busiest day this week though. We pulled some weeds in a garden we helped plant a few weeks ago. Pulling weeds in Washington is a completely different experience than pulling weeds in Arizona let me tell ya.

So today, our district (plus Miranda and their investigator) went on a hike to Wallace Falls. It was so pretty and way fun! We had lots of laughs, especially when Miranda fell. (She's was fine and laughed it off so I can say that) I only wanted to die about half the time so that's an improvement from last time. We were actually ahead of the elders for most of the time. Until they decided to run down the whole thing on the way back. Following the hike, we went and played soccer. I have been sweating literally all day. I am not cut out for all this physical activity. Oh but wait, it gets better. Tonight we are going to a YSA activity our ward is doing, another BBQ, volleyball, and badminton. I'm gonna be a full blown athlete when I come home. Not really actually. Excited for badminton though, throw back to high school!

We talked a lot about charity on Sunday. This quote goes along with it I think. "Christ did not just speak about love. He showed it everyday of his life...if we are his hands, should we not do the same" -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

That's about all I've got for today! Make it a great week!


Wallace Falls hike. This computer isn't letting me attach other photos so I will do that next week, sorry!


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