July 3, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Davidson

Make It Happen!

Hello! I'm a little short on time today but we'll see how this goes.

We had a lot of meetings this week; district meeting, zone conference, and new missionary training. So that took up a lot of time but they were so good! In zone conference, we talked about repentance for one half, then the other half we talked about LIVING to reach our GOALS. We can set goals for ourselves but if we don't do anything about them, then we aren't going to reach them and we will just stay the same.We can't sit around and hope for something to happen, we have to go out and make it happen! So after that, we were obviously way motivated. We prayed a lot and tried to follow the spirit and we found 2 new investigators back to back! MIRACLES!

Oh! We had an awesome lesson with Shannon about the Plan of Salvation! We brought our ward mission leader and it turns out they work together and had no idea! They actually had a lot of connections and similarities and Shannon really felt like it was inspired that he came! Kline didn't sit in on the lesson but Brother Kilpatrick (WML) talked to him at the end and I think it really opened him up! Hoping for the best!

The middle of our week was pretty ridiculous though. I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but a few weeks ago, we scratched our car. We had to drive down to Everett a few times to get it looked at. They finally decided to get it fixed so after district meeting on Wednesday, we had to go drop it off and our vehicle coordinator drove us back home. Problem is: we didn't have a car anymore. YOU CAN'T NOT HAVE A CAR IN MACHIAS. Miranda picked us up for a lesson then dropped us off at the church where we were stranded for several hours. As a result, we studied and practiced the piano because I had to play at zone conference. Oh, and cherry on top of the situations is that the church building has ZERO service so we couldn't even call anyone. We walked around outside waving the phone around for a bit trying to get a connection and we FINALLY did! Our dinner appointment picked us up and drove us to and from where we needed to me that night. Thanks Sister Lebo. So the next day we got a car after zone conference but when we started driving we realized we left our cards to log in in the car being fixed so we had to drive to Everett once again to pick them up with our GPS yelling at us. But THEN, the next day, the assistants have us a DIFFERENT car to use for the week. I'm realizing this story is boring and you probably don't care so I'm gonna cut it short and just say that we have gone through a lot for a scratch.

Hope you all have a happy 4th of July. I will be participating in a BBQ with the zone and not blowing up fireworks. Peace out. 🎆[

#1-2 This is a pic of me trying to feed a horse that wanted nothing to do with me.
#3 A lady made us and the zone leaders pie because we helped them garden.


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