June 26, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Davidson


Hey everyone!

It's official, I have a baby! Her name is Sister Davidson and she's from American Fork, Utah! She had the biggest smile on her face the entire first day we were together. She is so excited to be here! I felt bad because our second day together, we had to drive an hour to get our car looked at. (Sister Nel scraped a pole last week) So that took sometime but when we got back I took her tracting! Afterwords, she told me how scared she was and that she took the rejection pretty hard. I tried to explain that we will be rejected a lot more than we will be accepted and to not take it personally. There is a quote from a conference talk I shared with her that says something like "when you face rejection, you are standing shoulder to shoulder with the best life this world has ever known!" When we go out, we can imagine Christ standing right there with us, and just know that they aren't rejecting us personally, just our tags, or the church, or whatever. Which is sad but that's just how it is sometimes. Elder Dube came to our mission once and talked a bit about this as well and said that people will say no so many times before they say yes, so to just know that when they do say no, we are just part of that process so to smile and say to ourselves "I LOVE REJECTION!"

Devastating news: Shirley dropped us on Friday. She called us during weekly planning (she's really hard to understand on the phone) but said something about how she didn't want to come to church or meet with us. We think it has to do with 2 things: Her husband got out of jail a couple days ago and is living with her again, and the fact that there was a change in missionaries. She never even met Sister Davidson but she cried and cried when she found out Sister Nel was leaving and said she was just gonna come to church because of her. No!! We are praying for a miracle and hope she will have a change of heart, but if not, we will keep looking for the elect!

After Shirley dropped us though, I felt really disappointed and frustrated and confused. Not just because of her, but also because of some other investigators who are slipping and just feeling like I don't know what else to do in this area. I had zero desire to go out and work but we went out anyway. In case you didn't know, I love love love music. We were listening to a couple songs on the way to a former's house that totally resonated with me at the time. I can't even remember what they were called but the overall gist was trusting God and how every time we are confused or lost, but trust God, He always pulls through and gives us something better than we could have expected. After a few songs, I felt this sense of strength and motivation to go out and find new people to teach!

On Saturday, we did a lot of gardening for two different families. It was HOT and HUMID and I got an actual sunburn! A sunburn in Washington I kid you not! Our apartment is so hot because (no AC in this place) so I have been sweating in my sleep :) All good things!

Oh good news! Miranda got set apart as a ward missionary yesterday!! Yay! Now she gets to come to lessons and meeting with us where we talk about people we are working with and even her own progress haha. She would have done all of that anyway because she's awesome.

So the craziest thing happened yesterday, We got a text from this random number that just said "Hi, how are you?" We texted back and forth a bit to figure out who it was. He said his name was Mike and he missed a called from our number, which is totally weird because we never called his number. We told him we were missionaries and we started getting into this super awesome contact over text! Turns our he follows Hinduism and at first he said he felt he had what he needed but because it's a bit easier to be really bold over the phone, we asked again and he said he's meet with us! Unfortunately, he lives in Redmond so we will have to pass him off...but that's okay, it was still a cool experience!

Anyway, I just really love training. At times, it can definitely be exhausting because I have to do almost everything, and remember things, and teach, and be an example, but I know this will push me to be a better missionary so I'm excited for the opportunity!

Love you all, make it a great week!

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