June 13, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Nelson

I Love to See the Temple...and David Archuleta!


I'll start with Miranda's baptism. It was the smoothest baptism either of us have had on our missions. She showed up an hour and a half early because she was "bored and excited." She helped us fill her own font and update her own teaching record. When she came out of the water she had the biggest smile on her face and you could tell she was just so filled with the spirit. While she was changing, Sister Nelson and I taught the restoration. We had extra time so the pianist spontaneously had the primary kids come up and sing this song called "Miracles." Then Brother Owens, who conducted the baptism, shared a spiritual thought! Timing was perfect! Miranda shared her testimony and the end and it was so simple and so genuine. She was confirmed the next day in sacrament, which was also fast and testimony meeting. So many people talked about her, one guy even called it the Miranda show. She bore her testimony again at the end. She will literally just do anything, I love it! Her simple, pure testimony definitely strengthened mine. It's so amazing to see someone so excited about the gospel. She soaks it up like a sponge and just runs to it. (Also, she came to a lesson with us as a full blown member and it was awesome.)

I want to share an experience we had on Sunday when we had a direct and immediate answer to fasting and prayer. First, we were expecting to hit "standards" for the week which just means that we have a certain number of people for certain things. The last thing we needed was to have one person at church. Also, hitting standards the same week your investigator gets baptized, doesn't always happen. So, we went to church expecting 5 investigators to be there, but none came!!! We were disappointed so we decided to go to Scott and Dane's house (dad and son) to encourage them to come to the ward that starts at 1:00, it was 12:00 at the time. Well, they weren't there. In that moment, we decided to try our other investigator, Derek. (We found 3 new people this week, I'll explain later) Turns out, Derek wasn't home either but his dad was so we even invited him. He said no. There was NO way we weren't gonna have someone at church so we went to Shirley's next! We even had a ride set up for anyone who said they could come, all set to go. Shirley wasn't at her house but her mom said she was at a neighbor's for a birthday party. The first door we tried was the wrong one but we got it right the second time! We FINALLY found her and invited her! But...she had a migraine. That was all our investigators. We got in the car, disappointed again, but satisfied with all our efforts...we tried for an hour! But then, we got a text from our investigator, Shelby, and turns out, she went to church in Muckeltio!! Funny part is...part of her text came through around 12:30 but the part of the text that said she went to church came in way later! (Machias has no service). That was a really long story to just basically say that God answers all of our prayers in His own timing and will. We can't just sit back and wait or hope for something to happen, we have to actually go out and act on our faith. I know when we do that, we can see miracles!

I just have to say, Shirley surprises me constantly. Every time I think we may have to drop her, she proves me wrong! She's reading the Book of Mormon, keeping all her commitments, she even came to Miranda's baptism! She's coming to an activity tonight then church on Sunday! She showed us framed mug shots of her husband and promised us that she wouldn't kill him when he got out of jail...ok Shirley!!

Are you ready for the most insane news of your life?!?! Today, Sister Nelson and I went to the Seattle temple. Traffic was insane so it took way longer than expected to get there. We were annoyed. Finally we got in and almost missed the session we wanted but luckily we didn't because DAVID LITERAL ARCHULETA WAS IN THE SAME TEMPLE SESSION AS WE WERE! THIS IS NOT A JOKE FRIENDS. We heard whispers that he was there but weren't totally sure. But then we walked in and at first I wasn't even sure if it was him because he was so small but it WASSSSS! It was literally only us, his little group, and a couple old people in the room. I think the temple president hooked it up because when we came outside, he came up to us and asked if we were waiting for him. We got pics, obvi. We took a selfie but I'm an awkward missionary and had to stand far away but he told me I'd have to stand closer to actually get in the shot. Ok I'm done fan-girling bye. Oh wait, for all you out in Snowflake, he'll be there tomorrow. You're welcome.

By the way, Sister Nelson asked President what's happening next transfer, and he basically said that we are staying together and getting a trainee baby!! Do you know what this means?! I'm killing Sista Nel and probably staying in Machias for 7 1/2 comment at this time.

So many good things keep happening to us that we are just SURE a bomb is gonna drop on us soon. Maybe we will get a really hard trainee, who knows. I'll keep ya posted.

I know this is really long, I just have one more thing to say. Last Tuesday, we were invited to attend an ARP meeting for women who have spouses with addictions. It was obviously such a heavy topic but such an uplifting environment. It's because it was all centered on Jesus Christ and there is no shame in the Atonement, just light and healing. I'd say more but this is already to long, I'll just leave it at that.

Ok I lied, one more thing. I'll keep it brief. Here are just a couple things I liked from church on Sunday: Sacrifice is giving up something for something better, and make a decision once and stick with it so you don't have to make it over and over. Just food for thought.

Happy Father's day to all ya fathers out there. Peace.


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