June 5, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Nelson

Frat Boys Comin' in Clutch

Hi friends!

So here's the thing. I forgot to write down what happened this week, during the week so I'm just gonna wing it and hope I don't leave out anything too important or hilarious.

On Tuesday, we did some family history with Miranda. Turns out Sister Nelson and I have the same great-grandfather 13 generations back so there's that. We printed our family tree and hung it on the fridge. Miranda is also related to each of us.

Update from last week: We missed our district goal by 3 restorations taught but we felt we worked hard enough so we went out to lunch anyway. The pizza was well worth it.

We had a lesson with Shannon and Kline and it went okay. Shannon is all in but Kline, not so much. He was very open about his past and how he "doesn't understand why God lets bad things happen to good people." That's a huge topic I'm not gonna get into right now but basically we are going to read 2 Nephi 2 with them and explain that everyone has free agency and it's one of the gifts God gave on and so on. It's kind of funny though, because these are two of the most emotional people I have met. Like, Shannon cried within the first 5 minutes of us meeting her. Sister Nelson and I aren't emotional at all, so we basically sit there and let them do whatever they have to do, then we move on with the lesson.

On Friday and Saturday, we volunteered for the Lake Stevens food bank. They had us go to Fred Meyer and hand out their "wish list" and collect donations. Yes, we were those people. We stood there and approached every single person that walked through the door. I just have to take a moment to explain some of the interactions though

1. A couple people did this awkward walk jog and said "no thank you" as they went through the door. Other people just ran.
2. One lady was walking with her husband, holding a kid in each hand, and just said "Oh no, I am very overwhelmed."
3. This older lady full halted in front of me and yelled "DO NOT APPROACH PEOPLE." She threatened to get management. Well...not too long after management came out and told us what went down. She said "I don't think you guys did anything wrong but I'm just gonna stand here for a few minutes because that lady is watching"
4. Lastly, I gave a guy the slip and he asked what we were affiliated with so we told him the Lake Stevens food bank. " He didn't seems to like that answer so he asked again but we didn't really understand. We told him we were missionaries for the church and he was like "Exactly! I don't want to do anything affiliated with a church" and he handed us back the slip. You are gonna let people go hungry because you don't want to be "affiliated with a church?!

Anyway, we noticed something interesting while doing this though. Most of the people who donated were literal frat boys. One guy had a weed hat, tequila shirt, and American flag bandanna. Another had greasy green hair and chains, etc etc etc. Just people you wouldn't expect but they came out with bags and bags of food! Then there were the people with cross necklaces and things that didn't donate a thing. People have their reasons for donating or not and that's not my business, but my only reason for saying that is because we really can't judge people based on how they look. Also, you can say you are Christian and look the part but are you really living that way? Anyway, we rewarded ourselves with an Outback lunch afterwards. We split a meal and walked out paying under $10. Yes please!

Miranda came to both sessions of Stake Conference! Woohoo! She is just awesome okay? THIS SATURDAY IS THE DAY EVERYONE!

I feel like this is getting really long so I'm just going to end with a short story. We were pulling up to our apartment the other day and I drove to our parking spot while Sister Nelson walked from the mailbox. When I pulled up, I saw a huge package on our door step and shouted "THERE IS A GIANT PACKAGE!!" Next thing I know, I see Sister Nelson sprinting like a fat kid in a candy store to the door. There were 350 water balloons inside so it's safe to say we are having a war with the zone today.

Okay that's all. Have a good week, bye!!!

P.S. - Should also probably mention that most of the people from the food drive were very nice and we got lots of donations!

Update on my cucumber plant. Gonna have to transfer it to our front porch soon.
Steak date.
Road trip to family history center in Everett.


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