May 30, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Nelson

Miracles Happen People

Hellooooo everyone!! T'was a great week for sure.

On Tuesday, we had zone conference and it was good per usual. Then on Wednesday we had another lesson with Shirley. She has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday! She even told us that she doesn't understand what is going on (she has some brain damage and doesn't retain much) but she likes the peace it brings to her so she continues to read anyway! What an example! She told us a lot about her life growing up and she has had it HARD. Like, things that you hear about but don't think will ever happen to you, literally happened to Shirley. It just made me think how blessed my life has been and I can't have any complaints!

Anyway, we had a lesson with Miranda and we wanted to show her several videos so naturally we popped popcorn and got water from the kitchen in the church and made it a movie party event. Well, when it was over, I mentioned that my water tasted kinda weird and Miranda was like "yeah mine kind of tasted like pencil shavings but I just drank it all anyway..." haha after she said that, I realized that it literally tasted like pencil shavings. Ok maybe that didn't seem very funny but in the moment is was

So miracle from Tuesday: Our district leader challenged us to teach the restoration as much as possible during the week and if we reached our goal by the next district meeting, then we would go out to lunch! We only had like 30 minutes left in the day and we were deciding between two places to tract. Well we both were thinking of a third place so we decided to go there! It was a little cul-de-sac and everyone was home! We taught the restoration 5 times, found two potentials, and a new investigator through our car window, all in 30 minutes! Miracles happen people! The district didn't end up reaching our goal but Sister Nelson and I did our part! We are going for round 2 this week.

I just have to take a moment to talk about the best, most EXHAUSTING, p-day of my life yesterday. To kick it off, we played gaga ball with the district. Apparently it was created in Israel?! Anyway, it is the funnest thing and all the kids are into it here. Miranda came with us and this 10 year old kid and his dad were there. The kid killed it. We played 8 missionaries against him and he literally beat us all. Then we played kick ball and it's safe to that that my ENTIRE body is sore today. Sister Nelson's is too. We simply couldn't workout this morning. Anyway, then we went to Buffalo Wings for lunch with some people from Sister Nelson's last ward. Best meal of my life. We did a little shopping and got to go to Winco! I've missed that place. We spontaneously took a trip into the Boeing plant and looked around in the museum a bit, and to top it all off...WE WENT TO THE BEACH!!! I saw a real live ferry boat and we ate ice cream on the dock. The thing about beaches in Washington, is that people actually wear clothes there! (It's obviously way to cold to get in the water). So that's a bonus!

Oh wow, how could I forget? We got a referral from the Nampa mission this week! A 25 or something year old guy got baptized and his parents came to it! They also went to church with him and loved it. They requested to meet with missionaries in their area and feed them dinner. So we met them this week! Their names are Shannon and Kline. Shannon is totally on board and is already talking about getting sealed to her family and "we just have to work on Kline." This is totally happening people! We are so excited!

Last thing: Sister Nelson's mom met someone who has a brother that lives up here! We were going to send in the information to the closest sisters to them (they requested sisters) and it turns out that's us! Miracle! We'll see what happens there!

Fun fact: We had district meeting in the nursery room on baby chairs because the building was being used.

Ok that's all I have for now, have a great week! Bye!

P.S. Lately, Sister Nelson and I have been getting into fake fights. We get along so well that we have to make things up to fill the void. She calls me Becky and I call her Susan. I just hope our neighbors don't mind.

When you go to the grocery store to buy three things and go leave with a bunch of snacks and just one thing on your list...
Boeing (which is HUGE btw)
Ferry Boats and lighthouse (so fun)
My little plant is thriving
These cute little kids belong to the Wolfe family in our ward.


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