May 22, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Nelson

The Simple Things

Hi everyone!

This has been the best week. I'm including every detail possible.

Well first, Sis Nelson had a headache literally all week so that was sad. It was more of a laid back week for sure!

Tuesday, we went to institute with Miranda and almost rapped the Rapstoration (for those who don't know, this is the Restoration done to rap) to the class. Really though, the class was good and the spirit was strong! They had some technical difficulties so Sister Nelson and I randomly had to go up and talk about the restoration on the spot. Turned out fine! Also for dinner that night we told the members we had to leave and Sister Owens was like "wait no what else can we talk about?!" Their family is so cute.​​​​​​

Wednesday, we were FINALLY able to sit down with Shelby again! She has been investigating for the past year and a half (what some might call an "eternigator" (investigator for eternity). She comes to church almost every week, reads scriptures, and prays but still feels like she isn't ready. She grew up with ZERO religion so that it understandable. We asked her some basic questions like do you believe in God and Jesus Christ and other things. She THINKS it's all true. She says she has no faith but that is faith right there! She will get there one day. Anyway, this was literally a 3 hour conversation, it was insane.

Saturday our district got together to do some service that another church put on at an elementary school. Day of Hope! We pulled some weeds then constructed this new game that is apparently all the rage with the kids now a days. GAGA BALL. You get in this huge pit shaped like an octagon and play a combination of dodge ball and hand ball and racket ball. Sounds intense. After, we went to this place called Chick5. They have burgers and fries and fried chicken and best of all? THE OLI BUN. It's a deep fried donut, filled with blueberry ice cream, and topped with fruity pebbles. I will never be the same again. Picture included.

Two nights ago, we brought our mattresses downstairs so we could have a sleepover in the living room. Sis Nelson ordered a bunch of movies from and they finally came! So we watched a movie, popped popcorn, and drank Martinelli's. You know that feeling you get when you want to stay up and finish the movie but you are SO tired and you eventually just have to turn it off? Well that happened for the first time in forever and it was great.

Last night, we had another CSFY devotional. Both Miranda and Shelby came! I loved hearing people's conversion stories and their testimonies. During it, all the full-time missionaries were asked to go up and sing "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go" (instant choir much?). I love that song and hearing a bunch of missionaries sing it with such conviction was powerful. I know that as we put God first in our lives and trust His plan for us, we will be blessed beyond what we expect!

Sorry this email was full or random stuff you probably don't care about. I just love the simple things. 💛

Love you all! Make it a great week!

(I got a new camera so we were playing around and testing the smile self timer. It works)
Group pic from the CSFY
Update on my plant. I had to put it in a new cup because it was getting too big
In the octagon.
We accidentally coordinated outfits with Miranda!


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