May 8, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Nelson

Just Do It

Hi everyone!

In two days I will officially be out for 9 months! HALF WAY PEOPLE! Like, I literally just have a full term pregnancy to go. I can't believe it, I just really love being on a mission.

So I know I talk about the weather all the time but this time it's really important. On Thursday it was 74 degrees!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?! We weekly planned at the Pilchuck River with our feet in the water. Best part? We got some sun. But here's how you know you've been in Washington for too long: 74 degrees is HOT! I kid you not we were sweating and blasting the AC after being outside for just a few hours.

Transfers are coming up and Sister Nelson and I are sticking together for another! Yay! Ask any of my companions and they'll tell you I'm and chill and don't really get stressed. Well Sister Nelson is really similar so this has been a super stress-free time and it just works. There are a couple new sisters coming out and we thought for sure we would be a training three-pack. Like, we were making plans to rearrange the furniture in our apartment and everything. Well, turns out not all the sisters are actually coming and we aren't actually training. It felt like we lost a child we didn't even have. Ok...but really I think the biggest thing was, we were hoping for a trainee to give us an extra push of motivation so we were kind of waiting on that. So when it didn't happen, we realized the extra motivation had to come from us. The day after, we were kind of wallowing in self pity.We weren't mad at each other at all but didn't really talk until like 2:30 in the afternoon. We talked about plans for the day and stuff but were mostly just existing together. We decided to get some fresh air and check the mail. We both got letters and packages! They could not have come at a better time! One of mine was cute notes from some primary kids that made me realize we were being stupid. We made it a comp goal to "just do it." Woohoo for self motivation!

Miracle: After we decided to "just do it," we listened to a song called Fun to Find (all about how talking to people and finding new people to teach is fun) then went out to tract. The first door we knocked on was this lady who is a smoker and doesn't have much use of her arms. We talked to her about the Stop Smoking Program and she was interested! She wasn't there at out return appointment but we left a sticky note with our phone number on it. Then the first thing to ever happen on my mission happened. A few days later, she actually called back and rescheduled! Thank you Shirley! You go Shirley!

Miranda is still doing WONDERFUL. She came to church and helped us teach the 5 year olds! It was so cute! She asked the kids why it is important to be baptized and they didn't know so she totally explained it to them and it was fantastic. She is so elect, it actually feels like we are teaching a member. The ward members even thought she was a sister missionary at first! We even asked her is she feels like we are meeting to often and she doesn't think we are! Score!

Just want to end with this little scripture.
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13

Oh and I just have one question: WHO DOESN'T FEED YOU MEXICAN FOOD ON CINCO DE MAYO?! "It was a tragedy and I'll never be the same because of it." -Sis Nelson

Ok bye have a good week!✌

Some are our adventure at the Pilchuck River🏝
We found 10,000 dandelions🌾
Our district leader died this week (meaning he finished his mission and is going home) 💀
The temperature for proof (it got to 91 because we parked in the sun) ☀

Oh, let me explain the doll heads, we pranked our zone leaders with these doll/clown heads we found at a thrift store. For exercise we walked to their apartment and put them on their car for a fun morning surprise!

I think that's everything!​


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