April 17, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Nelson

"Nah, I'll be doing an Easter egg hunt then"

Hi there! (phrase we totally overused on Saturday...I'll explain later)

Wow. This was a good week! I love spring and Easter and sunshine and nice people.

Started off the week with two new investigators on Tuesday! "Two new Tuesday!!" We went to our lesson with Miranda and she brought a friend! They were very eager and accepted baptism! Then we visited a former, Ry, who we got to teach as well!

Update on Josiah: Our ward mission leader strolled onto his property and started asking him all these questions which kind of freaked him out. So when we went over he was afraid we thought he was a waste of time. Sad! We straightened everything out and are still teaching him. Less frequently, but he is still making progress so that's good!

Tuesday morning was literally insane though. We wore service clothes (jeans) for service we would be doing that day. We left the house to get our car washed drove half way there, but realized we forgot quarters so we had to come back. Left again and had to return because we forgot copies of the Book of Mormon and the area book with all our addresses. When we finally thought we had our lives together. We couldn't find the phone. We looked everywhere before we could bring ourselves to drive home again. We found it and by the time that happened we just put our dresses back on to move on with the rest of our day. This was a literal 3 hour process of leaving the house and coming back to get stuff we forgot. It was a hot mess.

This week we has Zone Conference. Right before we broke out into groups, President called Sister Nelson and I out into the hall. We were nervous and confused. Turns out he just wanted us to do a role play demonstration during his instruction. He talked about dignity and gossip so he has us role play getting a new companion and gossiping about her. It was theatrical of course! Then we talked about how we need to be kind to each other, see them as Christ see's them and treat them as He would.

Friday night, our dinner cancelled but they brought us pizza, salad in a bag (with no dressing, sad), and brownies. We took our dinner hour at 8 so we could eat, watch the Restoration, and play solitaire. T'was a good time.

On Saturday, we went to a parade and street fair! THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THERE WAS RIDICULOUS! We brought Easter eggs with cards in them to pass out because who can say no to an Easter egg? Every 5 seconds "Hi there, we are passing out these Easter eggs...blah blah blah..." It got to be a tongue twister! We blew through them so fast so we got cotton candy and went to the library to get more. It was so fun! Later that night, we showed a family the #PRINCEofPEACE video and asked them if they could share it with someone today or tomorrow. IMMEDIATELY the three year old was like "Nah, I'll be doing an Easter egg hunt then." Shut down!!

Easter was so good of course. A 15 year old girl gave seriously the best talk. She read a story called The Room by Joshua Harris. If you haven't read it, look it up now! It is about Christ's atoning sacrifice for us all and how he erases all our guilt and shame. After church, we ate carrot cake for lunch then went to the Bullock's for dinner! We did an Easter egg hunt too! Classic.

Ok that is all. We are going to the Tulip Festival today and I might be back later to send pictures. STAY TUNED!

Love you all, have a great week!!


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