October 16, 2016

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Questions and More Questions

Dear Bridgett,

It's time for another missionary Monday! Yay!! Seriously my favorite day of the week now cause I get to talk with my girl. How are you? How is your week? Tell me more about what it's like for you every day. Do you have investigators now that you are regularly teaching? Do you door knock? Is it hard to talk to strangers?

Work is good. I feel like I'm finally settled in and can do my job without worry of being let go at any moment. I am getting better and faster so that's a plus. I don't dread going every day so I call that a win.

I went shopping with my gift card money dad gave me. I got a couple of pairs of pants, a dress, some church shoes and several shirts. Mostly from JCPenney and Old Navy. Cute stuff! I also got Madeline some leggings and shirts too. I'm always on the lookout for more skirts and stuff for you. I also got a couple of Puras. My collection is growing!

It is still freaking hot here! Still in the 90's.'s the middle of October!!! Whatevs. I bet it's pretty there right now. Sandie posted a pic on Insta from her trip to Washington and it was gorgeous! I'll attach it to an email so you can see what I'm talking about. You are getting to experience actual fall. Jealous!!!! Do you miss the sunshine?

I saw on the news today (Saturday) that your are having terrible storms there. Tornado like winds. Dad was worried and surprised that I wasn't. It's not that I don't worry I just know that you have people looking out for you. Was the weather just crazy windy and rainy?

Bryce got a new job. Not sure if he told you or not. He's testing self driving cars or some crazy thing like that. New technology I guess. Anyway he will be making $20 an hour so he's pretty stoked! He needs to be in school. Ugh, whatever. He doesn't listen to me.

Shaun and Cecile are good. Her sisters are throwing her a surprise belated birthday party tonight. Shaun says she was feeling pretty bummed that her sisters really didn't acknowledge her day at all, haha! He had to listen to her complain and feel bad for days knowing the whole time she was having a party.

I made folders for mine and Hayley's emails. Do you want me to just delete all the others? I did delete some, like from Hyrum, grandma, aunt Tara. Didn't know about the rest. Probs should just delete. I mean really you can't save them all that would be crazy! It's up to you though, just let me know. I sent all your letters so far to grandpa Phil so he can keep up with you. He doesn't have a computer so I just printed them and sent them along with some of your pictures. I think he'll enjoy reading them.

Did you get your package? Do you need me to send you other stuff from home. Is it starting to get cold there? Do you need to buy a coat? Just get what you need and let me know. I'll keep an eye on your bank account.

Have a good week Bridgett. Love you to the moon and back and sure do miss you.

Love Mommy

On 10/17/16, at 12:36, Bridgett Hilton <> wrote:

yay monday! i basically run to the computer i get so excited.

everyday we get up, exercise, get ready, personal study, comp study, and train. all that takes 3 hours. we eat lunch, then go out. we visit less actives, potential and former investigators, or members. we have 4 progressing investigators who we teach throughout the week! every night around 6 we eat dinner at a members home and share a scripture with them. on fridays we weekly plan which talks like 4-5 hours, we break it up though. i like weekly planning because it shakes up the week. saturdays we food bank from 8-12.
we don't tract (knock on random doors) as much as we should because we don't really like it. haha. its not really that hard to talk to strangers, most people are nice, and if they aren't, it is just funny when we are walking away.

good for your job and shopping trip!!

90's still?! gross! its chilly here! and we officially aren't expecting to see the sun until march, so yes, i will be missing the sunshine.

we were expecting a typhoon!!!! every member in the ward made sure we were taken care of and had food and water. our WML (ward mission leader) brought us an emergency bag. flashlights, batteries, snacks... it didn't get that bad though which i'm sad about. it was crazy windy and rainy at some points though!

bryce told me about that! what the crap? random...

haha cecile... that was probs annoying but yay for surprise party!

thank you for organizing. yes can probs delete other stuff. and cool that you sent to grandpa phil! thats fun!

i got my package and letter THANK YOU!! i will want my scarfs soon but everything else you sent is perfect! i also LOVED getting a letter in the mail, we check it every time we go to and from the house! i would love to get more... ;)

ok i do need a coat. someone gave me one but its kinda big so should i just buy another one today? if so, with what money? that $100 tim and carmen gave me or my card? please respond to this question ASAP.


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