March 13, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Perry


Holla from the Pacific Northwest!

It's official, I have been out 7 months! WEIRD. My rain boots can totally prove it.

We played soccer with a bunch of elders this morning...I'm just as bad as I was when I was nine. ALSO! Hellooo daylight savings! Being from AZ, I've never had to deal with this so it kind of freaks me out but I'm totally down for it to stay lighter longer. We came out of dinner and the "sun" was still out! IT'S A MIRACLE!

It has rained basically all day everyday for the past week. I was wondering where all that Washington rain has been! Guess it's finally making up for lost time. But GUESS WHAT?! We saw flowers outside our apartment! Actual FLOWERS!! You best believe I got pictures. Spring is in the air people!!! I'm stoked out of my mind.

So about our totally elect investigator we found last week...we found out 1. she should be going to the young single adult ward, 2. she lives in Blothel (outside mission boundaries), and 3. like I mentioned before, is moving to California at the end of the month. Triple whammy. But hey, she wants to be baptized so there's that!​​​​​​

This week was a little slower but we are doing everything we can to find new investigators! Our Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders blitzed our area this week. That means they all came to Machias to work for a couple hours! We'll see what happens.

I loved this little gem and I think you will too 💛

"Comparison is a POISON we choose to drink. Perfect does not exist. Easy does not exist. But -- Optimism does. Hope & faith does. God does.

We find what we look for -- so look for the good. Look for the lessons, the blessings, and opportunity. Look for God and the unexpected ways He helps us. Never forget that we have the MOST powerful being to ever exist, on our side, who never leaves if we but LOOK for Him above our desires. To know that if He's helped us before He will help us again. Instead of pleading for things to be different, become excited to see how it will all unfold knowing that it is hand-picked by God Himself. You are good enough and God does care.

We do not need to be any more of anything to feel of Him, to be loved by Him, and receive the best ever created by Him."

Make it a great week & look for the good! Love you all!

Sister Bridgett Hilton

P.S. - We drove 30 minutes to the other end of our area this week, up by Lake Roesiger. These pictures really don't do it justice! We are going to go back on P-day and hike by a waterfall!


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