March 6, 2017


Machias Washington


Sister Perry


Hello Everyone!

This week FLEW by as usual.

I actually freaked out the other night because I realized that I was in the MTC 7 months ago. SEVEN MONTHS!!! It literally feels like yesterday. I don't know where the time went!

We had quite the experience this week. Remember Dalton from 2 weeks back? Well, we haven't been able to contact him since, which we were totally sad about. On Friday, we thought we would try calling one more time...just in case. He didn't answer. Well 20 minutes later the phone started vibrating, I looked down and IT WAS DALTON CALLING! I basically started freaking out and jumping up and down in
my seat. I scared Sister Perry half to death, she thought it was our Mission President calling or something. Dalton said sorry he's been MIA, he was working 13 hour shifts, we have an appointment with him Wednesday though! Yay! Sad news...we will probably have to pass him off to the YSA missionaries. Anyway, missionary work really is like dating. Sister Perry described my reaction as a middle school girl getting a call from her crush. Don't worry, no feelings there!

Guess what I did for the second time thus far on my mission? I left the car lights on so the battery died. Good news is, we were at a park so we asked a lovely gentleman to assist us. 😊 He wasn't interested in the gospel.

So on Monday when we went to our dinner appointment, there was this random girl there who we didn't expect. Come to find out, she is the girlfriend of the son who wasn't even there. She has met with missionaries a lot in the past and asked us what lesson we were teaching that night! Um, okay! It was a great lesson and she came to church yesterday! Woohoo! She is moving to California at the end of the month so we just have to get her baptized before then. 😉

My momma shared this with me and I wanna share it with you too 💛

People say that they can’t believe things they don’t see, like God.

But I see Him every day.

All the times you've felt happy, the times you ever felt comfort, or peace-- That's you feeling God. Those feelings are from and because of Him. Every feeling of hope, comfort, love, forgiveness, protection, happiness, laughter, change, guidance, IS GOD showing Himself to us.

If we’ve ever doubted Him in our life, let’s remember that ALL good things come from God. Including feelings. God is real and He does care. Every day He is showing us He is there with us.

I love you all, make it a great week!

Sister Bridgett Hilton


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