February 8, 2017


Ferndale Washington


Sister Brush


Hi Everyone,

If i ever told you I like the snow and cold weather, I lied. WE HAVE BEEN IN A LITERAL SNOW GLOBE FOR THE PAST 5 DAYS! All the schools and stores have been closed so I feel like I'm in a zombie apocalypse. When we walk down the street it's silent and there are hardly any cars. There was like an INCH of ice frozen on all of the trees and leaves. Apparently this town doesn't believe in snow plows because the road had been COVERED for days. Seriously, it's all white. The snow and ice finally started to melt a LITTLE bit today so the library (where we email from) is open, but IT IS SNOWING AGAIN RIGHT NOW AS I SPEAK! It wasn't suppose to snow anymore!!

So we aren't allowed to drive our cars under these weather conditions so what did we do yesterday? Walked. ALL DAY! At the end of the day I basically couldn't feel my feet but man did I go to bed feeling accomplished! Guess what? We took the BUS! It was actually really cool because when we sat down, this guy started talking to us and said "whoa, I've never seen girl Mormon missionaries!" He said he and his wife met with missionaries for 4 years! He also said he wants to come to church this Sunday so he can introduce us to his wife! Um, ok...that's amazing. Then while we were waiting for the bus on the way back, this lady started talking to us and asked for our number because she wants to sit down and talk with us! Woohoo, guess we are taking the bus more often! Despite by entire body being sore, we actually got to talk to a lot of people yesterday and saw a lot of success! Oh and tender mercy: After dinner we had to walk home because the member didn't have a car because her husband took it to work. So we were walking our final stretch when a member from the ward saw us and picked us up to take us home!! HALLELUJAH! Wait! Tender mercy #2: Another member brought us groceries at 9:30 last night because we weren't able to get many things at the store this week! I love this ward!

Three of our investigators were dropped this week. Courtney, Alexa, and Joey. It's okay, one day they will be ready! Especially Joey, he wants to meet again after this quarter of school so that's good!

I want to share something I learned this week. Last Wednesday I woke up with not the greatest outlook on the day because we had no appointments, I knew it was going to be a long day. I left the house kind of irritated because I didn't like my outfit. When we got to district meeting, I realized we forgot 2 things we promised the district and zone leaders, so I just felt really dumb. I left district meeting with an even worse attitude, then our appointment for later that week cancelled. I could tell Sister Brush was stressed and we both decided we didn't feel like tracting so we went home and took lunch earlier that planned. I was not looking forward to the rest of the day. When we checked the mail I had two letters. One was from my Aunt Tara. I opened it up and it was a talk entitled "Cultivating an Attitude of Happiness and a Spirit of Optimism." Well great. Just what I needed. But seriously, as I was reading it, I could feel my mood changing. It made me realize that I really have few problems. And most of my "problems" aren't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of life. We have so much to be thankful for! We live in the fullness of times! We have a Savior and Redeemer and we get to share that with people! Let go of what you can't control and just choose to be happy, okay?

Turn to the light and you will find joy!
"He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is endless, that there can be no more death." -Mosiah 16:9

I love you all, have a great week! Maybe next week, I will be all thawed out!

Sister Hilton


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