January 23, 2017


Ferndale Washington


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Hi everyone!

This was an eventful week...we got 4 new investigators! One of them is Fred's wife, Carmen, who I talked about last week. I taught her while we were on exchange and it was the best! She made us lunch and before we taught anything she was like "why wouldn't there be a modern day prophet? it just makes sense!" Her aunt is a Relief Society president and gave her a Book of Mormon. She was really excited to read it and we have another lesson with her this Tuesday! I'm excited!

Another investigator is Courtney. We met her while going to visit a less-active family. She was the friend of their daughter! At first, she told us she didn't really believe in God, but as she was talking about hard times she's gone through, she realized that Heavenly Father helped her through them. As we were teaching the first lesson, she said she felt hope. We have another lesson with her this Tuesday.

Another investigator is Alexa, our former. Before we never really got anywhere with the lessons because she went on so many tangents, but this time she really opened up and want to hear our messages! We have another lesson with her this Tuesday.

Our last new investigator is Larry. He is the husband of a less-active member. He was super receptive and accepted a baptism invite! So many good things are happening!

Also it's been crazy with the new missionary daily schedule!! I love it though, we get more sleep, and the morning isn't as hectic. I'll talk more about that next week.

It's been a great week and I needed it, I needed the reminder. At times there are many things that make being a missionary hard. Its hard working from 6:30-10:30 everyday. Its hard following such a strict schedule. Its hard walking house to house and no one wants to listen. Its hard during lessons when I don't know what to say. But the thing that makes all of that worth it is getting a front row seat to peoples lives changing because of Christ's atoning sacrifice. Christ and His light changes people and gives people in the worst situations a glimmer of hope. What I want to do is help people realize their life has a purpose and we are not alone because we have a loving Heavenly Father helping us through, every step of the way!

Wish I could say more! I'm out of time! Love you all, have a great week!

Sister Bridgett Hilton
P.O. Box 13390
Mill Creek, WA 98082
United States

PS: I love getting letters, please send one! (wink wink)


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